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Getting Started with TechMate™

TechMate™ is a valuable communication tool that can be leveraged by many different members in your shop to save time, improve efficiency, and help you win. 

Download the Overview of the MSC and Paperless Parts Partnership: Paperless Parts and MSC Partnership

Watch Jamie Goettler, Senior Director of Metalworking Sales and Innovation at MSC, describe TechMate™ here:

Don't have access to TechMate™ yet? Reach out to (or click on the ? in the bottom right corner) to get TechMate™ enabled for your team today! If you’re not yet a Paperless Parts quoting customer, you can sign up for a free TechMate™ account here: Sign Up for TechMate™ Account

Important Information Before You Chat with MSC

  • Upon sharing, MSC Metalworking Associates will have access to the main part and the supporting files you load and share via TechMate™.
  • MSC Metalworking Associates are all U.S. persons and ITAR-compliant.
  • MSC Metalworking Associates are available Monday to Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM local time. Outside of these hours, experts will respond to messages the next business day.

What is TechMate™?

Machine shops have found TechMate™ to be useful for estimators when they would normally no-quote a job due to a unique feature, but now can get in touch with a Metalworking Associate from MSC and ask about special tooling they do not have in their shop.

However, it is not just estimators who are finding TechMate™ helpful. Machinists, programmers, manufacturing engineers, and others have found that TechMate™ can be a huge asset after a job is won. They use it when they need help selecting the right tools to make the parts profitably, when a job is not running properly and they need help identifying and fixing the problem, and when the job has been long-running and they want to make it more profitable by reducing cycle time. 

Every shop is different. Perhaps you have a quality manager who should use TechMate™, or a new team member who isn’t yet set up with the Paperless Viewer. To enable more team members on Paperless and TechMate™, send an email to to get them started.

How to Initiate a Chat with MSC through TechMate™

From the Part Library in Paperless Parts, click on a part to open the Viewer.

While viewing a part in the Paperless Viewer, you will see "MSC" on the right sidebar. Click on it to open up TechMate™ so that you can begin chatting with MSC. 

If you have an assigned Metalworking Specialist at MSC based on past account history with the company, you’ll see their name at the top right of the screen. If you do not have an assigned Specialist, your TechMate™ account will default to messaging the Tech Team. Either way, you are in great hands with a knowledgeable MSC staff member on the other side of TechMate™ ready to answer your questions!

When you have a question, click into the chat box at the bottom of the right side of the screen where it says “Add Message.”

You can begin typing your question in the white text box. There are several ways you can add more detail and direction in TechMate™ so that your Metalworking Associate is able to help you right away.

To help your Metalworking Specialist or the Tech Team understand as much about your question or request as possible, do your best to provide all of the information you can in the first message you send. Include any details that are relevant to your question such as the material for the part, the machine used, coolant selection, etc., in your initial message. 

Add annotations to call out specific features on the part so that your Metalworking Associate can easily identify exactly what you’re referring to on the part. To give more context, you can annotate faces or even add measurements to your message in TechMate™.

Call out specific features by selecting the “Add Annotation” button in the bottom right corner. Then, just hover over the feature or face you want to select and click on it. Fun fact: you can click on multiple features or faces and tag all of them in one message! Your MSC contact will be able to see exactly which feature or face you are referencing when they open the chat in TechMate™, helping you communicate more effectively and allowing them to get you an answer faster.

You can also add supporting files to make sure you provide your Metalworking Associate with all the information they need. Click on the folder icon on the left side of the screen and scroll down to “Upload Files.” You can load pdfs, videos, additional models– really any file type that is relevant to the part for which you seek assistance.

Once you’ve entered the amount of information you feel is appropriate, send your message by hitting the arrow to the right of the chat box. 

An MSC Metalworking Associate will respond within four hours during regular business hours (M-F 8 AM - 5 PM local time). If your message is sent outside of those hours, they will respond to you the following business day by 11 AM. 

When the Metalworking Associate responds, you will receive an email notification that looks like this:

Click on “View Message” in the email to take you directly into TechMate™ to continue the chat. If you are in your Paperless Parts account when the MSC contact replies, you will see the notification pop up as a red dot on the bell icon at the top right of the screen. You can click on that bell to see all notifications and then click on the notification for the chat to bring you directly back into TechMate™.

Now you can continue the conversation and get the assistance you were looking for!

You may have time-sensitive requests and ITAR parts. In these cases, it is wise to set a chat expiration date. This will allow you to control how long your Metalworking Associate can access that particular file and any supporting data and files you upload. The folder icon with a person inside it (shown below) will appear after you have sent an initial chat to the Metalworking Associate. You can change the expiration whenever you want after that first chat is sent, as shown here:

You are ready to begin leveraging TechMate™ to help your team. Send your first message to your MSC Metalworking Associate or the MSC Tech Team and let us know about your experience with this tool!

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