Digital Quote

1. Will my customers see Paperless Parts on the quotes I send?

Paperless Parts will be invisible to your customers. We leverage a custom site that includes your company name and logo on every quote you send. Remember, this is your software and we are your software team!

2. Does the customer have the option to update their contact information in the Digital Quote?

Yes. Paperless Parts always uses the most recently updated customer information. Let's say a customer checks out with a different address than their most recently updated information. The checkout will then be facilitated with their new address. 

3. How do I facilitate a customer’s order in Paperless Parts?

It is simple and easy to facilitate an order for an outstanding quote on the Paperless Parts platform. Let’s say a customer doesn’t check out on the Digital Quote and sends a Purchase Order either by email or fax. Navigate to the Outstanding tab within the quotes dashboard and select the desired quote. You can of course use the search box to look up the part number, quote number, or title. 
Now that you are within the quote, you will see an 'Action' button in the upper right-hand corner where you can select 'Facilitate Order'. You will be redirected to the Digital Quote where you will checkout as if you were the customer. Simply pick the quantities and associated lead times that are reflected on the customer’s Purchase Order, and click the 'Create Order' button. If needed, adjustments to quantity, lead times, unit prices, and other charges can be made for each quote item. 

You will be prompted to pick between Credit Card and Purchase Order in the checkout method. Note that all a customer’s payment and shipping information is saved after their first checkout, and will populate here. Once you’ve confirmed the information, choose your shipping options. Lastly, input the PO number from the customer and upload the PO itself to keep it with the new order in Paperless. This will be easy to reference and download in the future if needed! 

By checking "Send with Confirmation”, the customer WILL receive an email confirming their order with your company. Unchecking this, the customer will NOT receive an email confirming their order with your company. Use this option if you have already informed your customer that you have received the Purchase Order.

Congratulations! You now know how to facilitate the order in Paperless Parts. 

Now, why would you spend the time to do this? Facilitating orders allows your shop to access valuable data about the customer experience. Next time you are quoting a customer, you will be able to see whether they are a shop that places orders quickly, takes advantage of expedites, or offers a high win percentage!

4. Is there a feature to attach material certifications to quotes or orders?

We don’t allow you to attach anything to the Digital Quote - from a security standpoint, we aren’t allowed. You can host the material certifications on your website and drop that URL into the part description box on the quote item. 

5. Is there a way for a customer to change the order quantity on a Digital Quote?

Customers cannot change the order quantity in the Digital Quote. Here is how you can offer the customer a new quote with the updated quantity. First, create a copy of the outstanding quote. Next, cancel the original outstanding quote. Send the new copied quote with the updated quantity. Note that the quote number will be different on the updated quote. 
Alternatively, you can facilitate the order and add adjustments to quantity, lead times, and unit prices. 
Customers are unable to change order quantity within the Digital Quote to ensure accountability. It is valuable to have a copy of the original quote that cannot be changed, so that it may always be referenced. What’s more, the change in quantity could affect lead times, material pricing, operation pricing, etc. These must always be updated. 
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