Keyboard navigation on the Build-a-Quote page - May 17th, 2023

Reduce clicks and speed up your workflow with our new Build-a-Quote keyboard shortcuts! Once you select a cell in a quote item (like setup or run time, operation cost, or a pricing item value), press any of the keys listed below to maneuver without clicking. 

  • Left, right, up, and down arrow keys now move you around a table
    • Note: If you are editing the values in a cell, the left, right, up, and down keys will still move your cursor within the cell you are editing, not to a different cell
  • TAB saves override edits and moves you around a table, highlighting cells as well as actions such as expanding and deleting operations
    • Note: If you reach the end of a table, TAB will move you to the next table
  • Holding SHIFT while pressing TAB (SHIFT+TAB) goes the opposite direction, allowing you to move backwards through the table and page
  • ENTER saves the override from the cell you are editing
  • Escape (ESC) exits the cell you are editing without saving
    • You can then use the arrow keys to go to another cell
    • Note: clicking ESC within an expanded operation will close the operation

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