Multi-component nesting improvements - May 17th, 2023

Happy spring, Paperless Parts users! We're celebrating the beautiful weather with a few improvements to our multi-component nesting module, including:

This new functionality is available to all multi-component nesting users. If you are interested in implementing multi-component nesting in your shop's account, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team today. 

Regenerate an existing nest

Sometimes, you need to modify a nest after generating it - changing parameters (like sheet size and buffers) based on the efficiency of the original nest. In our initial sheet and linear multi-component nesting release, generated nests were locked, requiring you to delete and recreate a nest to make changes. 
With the addition of the regenerate existing nests action, you can now view, modify, and re-submit nest parameters to regenerate existing nests, making it quick and easy to change parameters and get the best result.

To regenerate an existing nest, open it in the nesting modal and click Actions in the top right corner. Select Regenerate nest to reopen the nest preparation form. 

Edit inputs as needed and click Regenerate nest to confirm. The old nest will be deleted and a new one will be created with the updated inputs. 

Learn more about regenerating nests here

Export nest as PDF

If you win work that you quoted from a multi-component nest in Paperless Parts, your purchasing team and production engineers likely need to review the quoted nest to ensure the same (or better!) material efficiency in their production nests. Previously, there was no way to export a generated nest, making it difficult to share nesting info with members of the team who may not have a Paperless Parts account or access to quotes. 

With the addition of the  Export nests as PDF action, team members with Download permissions can now export any nest as a PDF and download it locally, making it easier to reference quoting information after you've won the work. 

To download an existing nest, open it in the nesting modal and click  Actions in the top right corner. Select Download nest as PDF.

Use feed window for linear nests (coming soon)

Our original linear nesting feature did not include feed window as an available nesting parameter, which meant that it was not possible to take feed window into consideration when generating a linear nest.

With the addition of feed window to the linear nest preparation form, you can now ensure no parts are cut in their entirety within the feed window’s length at the end of a linear piece. 

To consider feed window for your linear nest, check the Use feed window option in the nest preparation form and enter a value in the Feed window field.

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