Sending quotes

Once you've finished pricing all of the parts in a quote, send your buyer a digital quote directly from Paperless Parts. 


Previewing the quote

To preview the digital quote that your buyer will receive, select Preview from the top right corner of the Build-a-Quote page.

This will open the digital quote in a new tab, where you can review the prices, part information, and lead times you'll be presenting to your buyer. 

You can adjust which information is displayed on the digital quote from your settings.

Note: Be sure to review the quote expiration date in Quote Details before sending. Once this date passes, your buyer will still be able to view the digital quote, but pricing will be greyed out and they will need to request a requote before placing an order. 

Finalizing the quote

Once you're ready to send the quote, select  Finalize quote to review the email that will be sent to your buyer. 

Start by reviewing the list of recipients at the top. The email will appear to come from your email address (as the active user sending the quote) and will be sent to the contact assigned to the quote. The estimator, salesperson (depending on your subscription tier), and anybody marked as a Quote-BCC recipient in your email notification settings will automatically be CC'ed or BCC'ed. 

Use the trash can icon to remove a recipient, or search the dropdown menu to add a member of your team to the list. 

Next, select an email template and make any necessary edits to the subject line and body of the email. 

Note: The email must include a link to the digital quote in order to send it. 

If you'd like to attach a PDF of the quote to the email, select Include PDF in email at the bottom of the window. 

Note: Whenever possible, we recommend not including a PDF. Although we can provide analytics on how your customers interact with outstanding digital quote links, we cannot do the same for PDFs. Including the attachment may make it harder for your team to know when to follow up on outstanding quotes. 

Once you're satisfied with the digital quote presentation and outgoing email, click Send quote

You can track and follow up on outstanding quotes from the Outstanding tab of your Quotes dashboard. 


Why is there a warning at the top of the Finalize quote window?

There are a few reasons you might see a warning at the top of the Finalize quote window. This warning most often appears because a part is missing lead times or was not marked as complete

To send the quote, either exit the Finalize quote window and resolve the issue or click Confirm to acknowledge the warning. 

Why is Preview/Finalize quote unavailable?

Only users with "Finalize" permissions can preview and send digital quotes. You can review a user's permissions from the Team page

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