Final touches: Add-ons, discounts, and dynamic lead times

Once you've arrived at a unit price, it's time to add add-ons, discounts, and dynamic lead time options to your quote item. These items are not required, but they'll be displayed on the quote you send your buyer and can serve as useful sales tools for your shop. 



If your organization has discounts enabled, the first item below the pricing table will be discounts

Like operations and pricing items, discounts can be tied to processes and will come in automatically when you first assign a process to a part. They also have their own pricing logic and can determine a discount amount from variables like customer name or quantity (as seen above). 

The functionality for discounts is the same as it is for operations. Use overrides to change a percentage or expand a discount with two arrows to view any associated variables. 

Because discounts are calculated from price instead of cost and will impact your profit margin, shops with discounts enabled will have an additional pricing summary table that details profit and price including discounts. 

Discounts are a unique sales tool that can communicate to a buyer what your company is willing to do to work with them, but they are not a fit for all shops. Learn more about discounts here or reach out to our Support team today.  


Below discounts are add-ons. Add-ons are additional charges that are visible to your buyer on the quote and that are not included in the unit price of the part.

Use the toggle on an add-on to dictate if the charge is required or optional. If it's optional, your buyer can select it on the digital quote before they place an order.

Like operations, discounts, and pricing items, add-ons are tied to processes and can come in automatically when you assign a process to a part

Dynamic lead time options

The final item is the lead times table, where you can set the lead time for each quantity and create dynamic lead time options to offer your buyer. 

Like operations and other quoting items, the base lead time in this table can be tied to a process and come in when you first assign a part's process. Dynamic lead times are not required to send a quote, but you will receive an error if you try to finalize a quote without a base lead time. 

To add dynamic lead time options, simply override the shorter lead time options and their associated markups. 

The lead time options you add here then be presented to your buyer on the quote as a series of lead times and associated prices. 

Dynamic lead time options can also be set in bulk at the top of a quote, but assigning them that way will impact all quote items. 

Now that you've finalized the unit price and additional charges for this part, it's time to mark the quote item as complete and send your quote! 

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