Standard quote exporter - March 1st, 2023

Sometimes, Excel is just the right tool for the job. Excel allows you to quickly analyze and summarize data by making it easy to filter records, define formulas, and create tables and charts. If you can get your data into Excel, there’s a good chance you can use Excel’s built in functionality to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, many software tools have the ability to import data that's in an Excel format.

With this release, you can now perform all of that analysis on your quotes by exporting them into a standardized Excel format directly from the Build-a-Quote page.

To export a quote as an Excel file:

  1. Navigate to the quote you want to export. 
  2. Click Actions in the top right corner of the Build-a-Quote page. 
  3. Select Excel from the Downloads section. 

The quote will download to your local storage system as an .xlsx file. 

What's included in the export?

The resulting exported file will have two tabs: Quote summary and Operation details

Quote Summary

This tab contains high-level summary information about the quote, including:

  • Part numbers and their associated quantities
  • Total setup times and run times
  • Cost breakdowns and markups by category
  • Unit prices

The purpose of this tab is to answer high-level costing and pricing questions at the quote item level for each quantity.

Operation Details 

This tab contains information about every operation in every quote item, including:

  • Operation names
  • Setup and run times
  • Operation notes

If the part is an assembly, operations assigned to child parts will be included in the export. 

Each column also has pre-applied filters, making it easy to answer questions like: “How many total hours will I need work center X for if I win this quote?”. You can use this tab to perform a quick analysis of the router steps required for a quote, which can be especially helpful when it comes to planning machine capacity.

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