Uploading parts to your part library

One great way to dive into Paperless Parts is to add a few parts to your shop’s Part Library.

The Part Library will serve as a centralized hub for parts that you’ve previously quoted in the platform. Storing part information here will keep your customers’ data safe and make sure that everyone on your team is using historical data to drive precise and consistent quotes - reading from the same sheet of music, so to speak. The more information that you add, the more context they’ll have, so it's a good idea to start uploading files early.

To create a new part, upload key files from the part's technical data package to your account. There are two ways to do this from the Part Library:

  1. Click Upload New Part in the top right and browse your local files.
  2. Drag and drop files anywhere on the page.

Make sure the files you drop in are all supported file types and any parts with multiple components have been exported correctly

To view a part, click on the tile in the Part Library. This will take you to the Part Viewer, where you can edit part information, take measurements, communicate with teammates, and more. 

The Part Viewer is also where you'll want to store key properties of a part, creating a complete digital picture of how you might actually make it. For instance, let's assign a part number, revision, and material as well as attach supporting documentation. 

To add a part number revision, and material to this part:

  1. Click Active Part to open the Active Part panel. 
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Enter the part number and revision.
  4. Enter the material. 
    1. Tip: Try typing a key word or alloy number to quickly narrow down your selection. 
  5. Click Save changes to confirm.

To attach supporting files:

  1. Click the file symbol to open the Files tab. 
  2. Click Upload Files to browse your local server or drag and drop files directly onto the tab. 
  3. To view a supporting file, select its name from the list of available files. 

Once you start to build out your library, try exploring our CAD and PDF viewer tools and take notes or collaborate with teammates using internal collaboration!

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