Import historical work - February 22nd, 2023

What's new?

We've added an Import historical work option to the build-a-quote page, allowing you to easily add historical work from Paperless Parts to a new quote. 

Leveraging historical work when quoting a part can help your shop decrease turnaround time and drive consistency in your prices. Historically, the best ways to do that in Paperless Parts have been to copy pricing between quotes or add an existing part to a quote from the Part Library. Now, with the Import historical work feature, you can quickly review a part's quote and order history and import historical work as a new quote item directly from the Build-a-Quote page. 

This release is part of our repeat work solution. We are working on updating our ERP integrations to support importing quotes and jobs from the ERP, and we will be reaching out to users with integrations as those become available.

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How do I import historical work to a quote?

To import a historical quote item, click the  + symbol at the top of the navigation bar and select Import historical work.

Search for the part number you wish to import. Use the  Search part number only and Include child parts toggles to refine search results. 

  • Toggle Search part number only off to expand your search by file name, quote number, and RFQ number.
  • Toggle Include child parts on to include children of assembly parts in search results. 

Select a result to preview part information, costing, and pricing data from the historical quote or job.

Tip: Hover over the ⓘ next to the Costs bar to see a dollar value for each color of money.

Once you have selected the item you wish to import, click Import to Quote.

  • If you wish to import more than one item at a time, check Import another item before importing your selection. (This will determine if the window stays open or closes after your first import.)

The selected item will be added to the quote as a new quote item, complete with all relevant data from the historical quote or job.

From there, make any adjustments/edits the same way you would with a new part and send your quote!

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