Streaming API and Developer portal - December 22nd, 2022

What's new?

We’ve added a new set of capabilities to our Open API: the Streaming API and Developer Portal. Using the Open API, you can now receive push notifications when certain events occur in Paperless Parts, including:

  • quote.sent
  • order.created
  • integration_action.requested
  • integration.turned_on
  • integration.turned_off

This release also includes a new section in the Integration Manager where you can configure which events you would like to subscribe to, as well as monitor attempts to deliver those events to the registered listeners in your integrations.

To learn more, check out our detailed documentation on the Paperless Parts Streaming API as well as our Integration Development Guide. We also have a 5 minute tutorial on how to create a simple integration with Trello using Zapier and the Paperless Parts Streaming API.

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