Multi-component linear nesting - December 16th, 2022

What's new?

We've added linear nesting to our multi-component nesting module. This powerful feature set enables you to optimize the cost of material and labor of linear metal parts by predicting shared cutting patterns of many components out of the same tube, pipe, channel, or bar.

Note: The linear nesting module requires account-specific configuration and setup. To learn more, or to inquire about adding nesting to your account, reach out to our Support team.

With linear nesting, you can now:

  • Browse all linear-nesting-compatible parts within a single quote
  • Select components you'd like to nest together and fill out a form to control the nest
  • Browse key results from generated nests, including length usage, cost distribution, and required stock quantity

Generating nests will then optimize nest-eligible operations within the quote.

As part of this release, you can also view the results of a tube metal interrogation directly from the Build a Quote page for linear models. 

For a more in-depth guide to our multi-component linear nesting functionality, check out this help article or reach out to a member of our team. 

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