Angle and U-channel profile detection - December 21st, 2022

What's new?

As part of our Linear nesting release, we've expanded our Tube Laser interrogation's capabilities to detect, output dimensions and manufacturability warnings for, and extract costing variables for angle and U-Channel linear models.

Going forward, tube laser interrogations run on Angle and U-Channel parts will now output the same features and manufacturability warnings as other rectangular, rectangular-radiused, and circular profile linear parts. This also allows us to implement geometry-driven costing for angle and u-channel parts.

For example, here are tube laser features shown for an angle part:

and here are the tube laser features called out on a u-channel part:

Note: Both geometry-driven costing and linear nesting need to be implemented in your account by a member of our team. To learn more, or to inquire about adding nesting to your account, reach out to our Support team.

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