Bulk update workflow status - October 6th, 2022

We’ve made improvements to the “workflows” feature. Learn more about the workflows feature here.

With this update, users can now select multiple quote items or child parts and have the option to "update workflow status". Clicking this will open a modal where the user can edit the workflow statuses, both with and without Advanced Workflows:

Check out this video for more detail:

How do I update the status of multiple quote items?

First, go to the Build a Quote page and select all of the quote items you'd like to update in the navigation bar. You can either do this by clicking the checkbox to the left of each item, or by clicking the top checkbox to select all items in the quote. 

Once you've made your selections, click on the Actions drop-down and choose "Update workflow status". This will open a window where you can select a new status. 

Click "Update Workflow Status" to confirm your choice and apply it to all selected quote items. 

You can confirm that the update was successful either by opening the quote items and checking their status manually or reviewing the status circle for each item in the navigation bar.

How do I update the status of multiple assembly components?

This workflow is similar to bulk updating multiple quote items, but should be performed within the item while looking at the assembly structure in the "Flat BOM" view. 

Select the components you would like to update and click the Actions dropdown in the top right corner. Select "Update workflow status" to change the status across multiple components. 

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