Integration Manager

The Integration Manager gives users insight into the workings of external software integrations that are connected to Paperless Parts, as well as the ability to control the behavior of those integrations, all from within Paperless Parts. It accomplishes this by introducing three new concepts: Integration Actions, Integration Action Logs, and Integration Action Requests. An Integration Action is a description of a capability of an integration. Example integration actions include “Export Order” or “Import Contact”. An Integration Action Log is a record of an integration’s attempt to perform an integration action. Integration action logs display a timestamp, a status (In Progress, Completed, Failed, etc), and other helpful information to help users understand what happened and why. An Integration Action Request is a way for users to ask an integration to perform a specific action. 

The Integration Manager is accessible from the settings page. For the remainder of this article, we will consider an example integration with a fictional CRM system called CustomSoft to illustrate the functionality of the Integration Manager.

The screenshot below depicts the Integration Manager for our CustomSoft integration. The header section of the manager provides several important pieces of information. First, it states the last time an integration action log was updated. Second, it provides a status indicator that shows the last time the integration “phoned home” to Paperless Parts. Together, these indicators can be used to determine if the integration is operating properly. Next, we can see the author and support contact for this integration. This fictional CustomSoft integration was developed by CustomSoft, so you can see the support contact has a email address. For any integrations built by Paperless Parts, the author field will show Paperless Parts and clicking on the support contact will connect you directly to Paperless Parts Support.

The other thing that is clearly visible in the above screenshot is the integration action logs for this integration. Each integration action log indicates what type of action it is, which Paperless Parts record it references, the current status of the action, and the last updated timestamp. Clicking on the integration action record provides additional details, such as how the action was triggered and the status message.

The Integration Manager also has a tab called “Action Requests”. This tab allows users to issue integration action requests. In this example, users can trigger an Export Quote action, and select which Paperless Parts quote they would like to export. When an integration action is requested, a new integration action log record will be added with a “Queued” status, and a message will be sent to the integration to inform it of the new request.

API key location

To view the API key for any integration, select the relevant software from your Integrations page and click Configure. This will open the Integration Settings page for that specific integration. 

Access the API key in the Connectivity tab. 

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