How do I copy pricing between quote items?

Learn how to use the  Copy pricing action to push costing and pricing from one quote item to another, including material selection, operations, finishes, and variable overrides. 

This action can be especially helpful when quoting two similar parts (such as left-hand and right-hand components of a part), driving consistency while also helping you turn around a quote quickly. 

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How do I copy pricing between quote items?

  1. Start from the quote item you will be copying pricing from.
  2. Click the three dots next to the quote item and select Copy pricing.
  3. Select the recipient part (or parts).
    1. Use toggles to specify what to bring over from the initial quote item.
  4. Click Copy pricing to confirm.

Note: Initially, Copy pricing will bring over exactly the same costs to the recipient part. If the two parts have different geometry, and you want to recalculate costs based on the geometry of the recipient part, Refresh pricing from the Cost actions menu after copying pricing.

Written walkthrough/example

Let’s say you receive an RFQ for part #5-X-9 rev C, and you previously quoted revision B of that same part. 

  • Both revisions are made out of Aluminum 6061 and are anodized.
  • Revision B included an add-on for tooling, but you don’t need to charge for that on revision C. 
  • The buyer wants a quote for quantities 10, 25, and 100, and they will likely pay for expedites.

To turn around the quote as quickly as possible, let’s copy pricing from 5-X-9 B (quote #2054) to 5-X-9 C (quote #2075).

Navigate to the quote for 5-X-9 B (the part that you’ve already quoted).

Click the three dots next to the quote item and select Copy pricing.

Select which part you want to copy pricing to (the recipient part). 

If the part is in a different quote (as it is in this example), select Choose different quote to browse your draft quotes and choose a recipient quote item.

Recall that, unlike rev B, rev C does not require an add-on tooling cost. To copy everything except add-ons, switch off the add-on toggle.

Click Copy pricing to confirm.

A green window will appear confirming that you successfully copied pricing. Click the link to view the recipient part and confirm that pricing came over correctly.

Part # 5-X-9 C now has the same exact price as part # 5-X-9 B. To recalculate the cost based on the geometry of rev C, refresh pricing from the Costing actions menu.


What does the Copy pricing action include?

The Copy pricing action will copy the following between quote items:

  • Make quantities
  • Process
  • Yield
  • Material (if toggled)
  • Operations
  • Costing items
  • Pricing items
  • Add-ons
  • Lead time

It does not bring over:

  • Part files
  • Geometric attributes
  • Part number/revision
  • Part description
  • Manufacturing notes
  • Custom attributes
  • Hardware
  • Workflow status

What happens if I copy pricing to a quote item that already has costing?

The existing costing on the recipient part will be replaced by the pricing you copy over.

How does Copy pricing work in assemblies?

Copying pricing between children of assembly parts is functionally similar to copying pricing between quote items.

Select the checkbox of the child part you are copying pricing from in the Assembly components section.

Click Actions and select Copy pricing.

Note: Currently, copy pricing only works between single-component parts. You cannot copy pricing to or from an assembly/subassembly part and its children in one action.

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