New email template placeholders -- August 2022

With this update, we have added placeholders to the email templates section in the Settings Page! This update prevents the user from accidentally sending out a quote with the wrong email template, reduces the number of clicks needed to send a quote by eliminating needing to switch the email template, and allows for the consolidation of email templates across teams.

The additional fields are:
  • Facility name
  • Facility phone number
  • Salesperson email
  • Salesperson first name
  • Salesperson last name
  • Estimator email (only for Pro and Enterprise customers)
  • Estimator first name (only for Pro and Enterprise customers)
  • Estimator last name (only for Pro and Enterprise customers)
If there is no estimator or salesperson for the quote, the field will be left blank.
The new and existing placeholders look like this:
Additionally, you are now able to click on the template placeholders and the placeholder will be copied to your keyboard so you can easily paste it to where you want it within your email template:

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