Updated Build-a-Quote Page

We are excited to announce the launch of our updated Build-a-Quote page to make the quoting process even easier in Paperless Parts. This update includes an improved design, an updated page experience where an expanded quote item takes up the entire page, and significant performance improvements for large quotes.

Check out this video for a walkthrough of the updates:

What is updated?

We made several changes to make the quoting experience better in Paperless Parts:

  • Quote Item Focus: When a quote item is expanded it will now take up the entire page and no longer allow you to accidentally lose your place scrolling to other quote items or to the top or bottom of the page. This new page experience allows you to stay focused on the quote item you are working, making the quote easier to navigate and reducing mistakes.
  • Improve Usability: Improved readability and usability of the quote by moving Internal Notes and Quote Notes to the top of the page, adding the ability access Internal Notes from anywhere on the quote, and adding "Previous" / "Next" / "Return to quote" buttons so you can quickly navigate the quote.
  • Improve Actionability: We’ve added a sticky header to the page which follows you as you scroll through the quote items. This header makes quote-level actions such as previewing or finalizing the quote accessible from anywhere on the page.
  • Quote Item Search: You can now search the quote item for part numbers or file names to quickly navigate to the quote item you want to work on.

Additionally, this update improves both the page load performance and the responsiveness of the page. Now, the time to expand a quote item is typically less than 4 seconds regardless of the size of the quote. Quotes that were previously unusable in the platform (100+ line items) are able to be quoted. Complex quote items (large files, assemblies, complex pricing configuration, and / or 30+ supporting files) may take longer than 4 seconds to load, but will have the most significant performance improvements.

While it's difficult to measure precisely, we believe the perceived speed increase will be:

  • 1-2X faster to load the entire quote and expand / collapse a quote item for quotes with less than 20 quote items, depending on the quote items.
  • 2-4X faster to load the entire quote and expand / collapse a quote item for a quote with 50 line items.
  • 5-7X faster to expand a quote item, 4-6X faster to collapse a quote item, and 1-3X faster to load the entire quote for a quote with 100 line items.


How many quote items can a quote support now?

  • Previously, the bottleneck for working with large quotes was the page responsiveness. Now that is no longer the case. You should be able to comfortably create quotes with 200+ line items and quote items will open in less than 4 seconds.
  • Quote performance will still be slower for assembly quote items, large files, quote items with complex pricing configuration, and quote items with 30+ supporting files.
  • The new bottleneck for working with large quotes is performing bulk actions. For example, while we can now load 200+ line items, the page will timeout if you try to bulk update the process, material, and finish for all of the items at once. Try selecting fewer quote items and doing the action again.

What are some tips for navigating the updated page?

  • To move to a different quote item, click on a new quote item in the left navigation bar, search within the quote by part number / file name, or click "Previous" or "Next":
  • To collapse the quote item you are looking at, click on the quote item header, click "Return to quote", or click on the blue-highlighted quote item in the left navigation bar:

Were any fields removed?

  • No, all fields are the same as before. Only the Internal Notes and Quote Notes fields were moved to the top of the quote.

Was anything changed within the quote item?

  • No

What will happen if I click on an old URL to a quote item?

  • The links will still work as expected with the updates. The URL from the old page will be redirected to the new page.

I have more questions about this or feedback on these changes. Who should I reach out to?

  • Reach out to our Support team through the question mark beacon in the platform or at support@paperlessparts.com.
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