MBD support/Viewing PMI - June 27th, 2022

What's new in v24.16.0

We have released a beta version for viewing Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) on Model-Based Definition files (MBD) in the partviewer. The video below explains the updates:

Note: A “beta” version means that this feature rollout is not complete. We intend to follow up this initial release with additional functionality. Beta testing is useful for gathering user feedback to help steer the product team towards what is most important to improve upon.

You will be able to toggle the visibility of the Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) stored within a CAD file in the partviewer using a button in the part viewer tools:

Prior to this release, when an MBD file was uploaded to the site, you would be able to view the geometry of that file and leverage that geometric information within your pricing formulas, but you could not see any of the PMI annotations in the model. Now, on top of that, we will extract and display PMI in the form of dimensions, tolerances, parallelisms, datums, text annotations, and all other types of metadata you could view natively within a software like Solidworks or Catia.

We support all files that can contain PMI, including STEP AP242, JT files, 3D PDFs, and native formats from platforms like Solidworks, Catia, PTC Creo, and Siemens NX.

Note: PMI in files uploaded prior to this release will not be visible in the viewer. You will need to re-upload these files to see the PMI.

PMI annotations on a 3D PDF.

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