P3L revision control - April 11th, 2022

What's new in v22.0.0

We are excited to announce a new major version release of Paperless Parts. Any users editing operations, add-ons, custom processes, and pricing items formulas will now know when changes were made to the P3L and who made the changes, and be able to revert back to previous versions.


Many people, both internal and external to Paperless Parts, are involved in an account’s configuration during onboarding and beyond. Currently it is difficult for any stakeholder involved in the P3L configuration process to know who has made changes to the code and when they were made. Furthermore, there is no convenient way to revert back to a previous formula if any changes you make have unintended side effects.

This update is designed to benefit all users working on an account. 

For P3L developers:

  • If changes were made that break functionality, understand what, when, and by whom the changes were made, and quickly revert those changes if needed
  • More quickly determine if reported issues are due to product changes, account configuration changes, a bug, or user error
  • Identify who on the team built the account or worked on an account last to know who to reach out to for troubleshooting
  • Provide a better way for users to experiment with P3L without fear of breaking their account

For the estimating team:

  • Increase trust of the platform by allowing users to quickly identify when changes were made
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