Deep Copy FAQ

Getting a "Part is tied to other quote items" or "Part exists in multiple quote items" error message?

  • Switching primary non-assembly files
  • Merging files as supporting files
  • Making assemblies
  • Converting and changing assembly structure 
  • This looks like an error, but this is normal. It is saying you cannot perform one of the above actions because it already exists in another quote (this includes if it exists more than once in the same quote). This may be due to quote copies/revisions, re-quotes, adding parts from the library into a quote, or duplicating items on the same quote.
    So you will have to deep copy the line item. This can be done by clicking the 3 dots on the left sidebar and selecting Deep Copy Quote Item. This will essentially create (re-upload) a new part in your library while preserving the pricing, and then you should be able to perform the action. 
    The newly deep copied item will appear right below the original item and can be found as a new part in your part library.

    Why do I need to deep copy?

    This is due to the operations and pricing logic that runs on the dimensions of the primary file. Deep copies have to be enforced if switching the primary file, merging files, making/converting to assemblies, or updating the assembly structure. Performing one of these actions while the file exists on multiple quotes can cause issues on those other quotes so we require you to essentially make a new deep copy of the part to preserve the pricing of the other quotes, and for assemblies - to also preserve its structure.

    What's the difference between Deep Copy vs. Duplicate Quote Item?

    Duplicate Quote Item: This action creates another instance of the quote item. There will not be a new part file in your library after this action is completed. There may still be other quotes tied to this part file. 

    Deep Copy: This action is essentially re-uploading and copying the part. There will be a new part file in your library after this action is completed. The only quote associated with this part file will be the one where it was deeply copied on.

    I created a copy/revision of my quote, are the items deep copied or duplicated?

    Creating a copy or revision of your quote will  duplicate the quote items, not deep copy. The part will now exist in both the original and new quote and may require you to manually deep copy the item if attempting to perform one of the actions listed above. 

    How do I view the other quote(s) a part file exists on?

    Navigate to its part viewer and then click on the Quotes/Orders tab ($ icon) in the left navigation. This will list all quotes and orders that the file is tied to, with the quote/order status next to it. 

    Tip - Are you getting chat notifications and getting confused about which quote it is referring to?

    • Hovering your mouse over the message will give you a link to the quote, or the part viewer depending on where the message was sent from. 
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