Viewing email files - March 9th, 2022

You can now view the text and image content of email files within Paperless Parts. Files with a .msg or .eml extension can now be uploaded and viewed within the viewer natively.

In a software like Gmail or Outlook, you can download the email as a file, and drag that file into Paperless Parts.

This above email file will look like the following within the Paperless Parts viewer:

All of the text content from the email will also be indexed within global search, meaning you can search for the words in your emails to find information from anywhere within the platform!

All of the text will also be searchable within the PDF viewer search bar, and can be highlighted, copy and pasted, and even redacted into a new file.

Note: Uploading .msg and .eml files will not carry over images originally stored in the email nor will it parse any attachments into supporting files or separate line items. This update only gives you the ability to view the text content of emails.

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