MS Office Files Support - January 25th, 2022

What's New in Paperless Parts v21.5.0

v21.5.0 is a huge release for improving file support. With this release, we now support viewing of 67 new file formats, including all MS Office files. The list of supported extensions is given here:

bib, csv, dbf, dif, doc, docx, emf, eps, epub, fodg, fodp, fods, fodt, html, ltx, met, odd, odp, ods, odt, otg, ots, ott, pbm, pct, pdb, pgm, pot, potm, ppm, pps, ppt, pptx, psw, pwp, pxl, ras, rtf, sda, sdc, sdw, slk, ssd, stc, std, sti, stw, svm, swf, sxc, sxd, sxi, sxw, txt, uop, uos, uot, vor, wmf, wps, xhtml, xls, xlst, xlt, xml, xlsx, xpm

All new and existing files uploaded to the site with these extensions will now be viewable in our PDF viewer. All of the text found in these documents is indexed for global search as well.

We also have shipped significant enhancements for our vector file interrogations. We have improved our interrogation speeds for DXF and DWG files with a large number of edges by more than 1000%, and have greatly improved our ability to deal with files containing overlapping edges and small edge geometry. You should see less issues regarding branching loops, intersecting loops, and open loops.

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