Email Notifications

This setting will designate who in your shop will receive/send the automated notification and response to the RFQ, quotes and requotes, orders, and payment. Click  Add Email to include external non-team members to get the same email notifications (except RFQ Notification Sender).

Note. The quote-send email will be sent from the verified user who is logged in and sends/finalizes the quote. All other automated emails will be sent from the admin on the account. If the user has not verified their email address, quotes will be from

Note. The quote-send email will automatically CC the user who is logged in and sends/finalizes the quote, and auto BCC the salesperson assigned to the quote. You can review and edit these before sending out each email. 

  • Quote-Send BCC Recipient
    •  Automatically BCC this user on all quotes sent in the platform.
  • Invoice BCC Recipient
    • Includes this user on invoice emails, which only occur when a customer pays with a credit card.
  • RFQ Notification Sender
    • The user email address that SmartRFQ confirmation email will appear to come from when customers submit RFQs through the SmartRFQ from. Must have your email verified on the team's page in order to be able to do this. 
  • RFQ Received Recipient
    • The user will get an email every time an RFQ is received from the SmartRFQ form on your website
  • Order Confirmation Recipient
    • The user will get CC'd on order confirmation emails which can be sent either: 
      • After you facilitate the order in Paperless Parts (and select the checkbox to send the confirmation email to your customer). 
      • Or after a customer checks out via the Digital Quote. 
    • Note. The salesperson assigned to the quote will automatically be sent the Order Confirmation email.
  • Requote Request Recipient
    • The user will get an email if a customer requests a requote of an expired quote.
  • Payment Receipt Recipient
    • The user receives your payment receipts from Paperless Parts.

Set email notifications for external emails by clicking Add Email

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