Navigate and manage the Part Library

Learn how to manage your organization's part library and create a record of data for parts that you have previously quoted or are currently quoting. 



The part library is organized into tiles, each of which represents a part. 

Clicking any part in the library will open it in the part viewer. From there, you can add a part number, view supporting files and associated quotes, and take notes or collaborate with your team.

Parts in your library are organized into three sections:

  1. Team Parts 
    1. This section houses part data for all parts that your shop has previously quoted or is currently quoting. You can upload a part file directly to the part library here. Any parts uploaded from the Build-a-Quote page (including manual parts you create or uploads from the Smart RFQ form) will automatically be added to the part library. 
  2. Shared with Me
    1. This section includes all of the parts that have been shared with you via external collaboration.
  3. Archived 
    1. This section includes any parts that your shop has archived, or removed from your Team Parts library. From the archived tab, you can restore archived parts, add them to quotes, or delete them permanently from your organization. 
    2. Note: Deleting a quote or removing a quote item will not automatically archive the part from the library. 

Add parts to your library

To create a new part, upload key files from the part's technical data package to your account. There are two ways to do this from the part library:

  1. Click Upload new part in the top right and browse your local files.
  2. Drag and drop files anywhere on the page.

If you upload multiple files at the same time, files with matching names but different file types (ex. Bracket.stp and Bracket.pdf) will automatically be bundled into a single part. If a CAD file is included, it will become the primary file for that part by default.

Make sure the files you drop in are all supported file types and any parts with multiple components have been exported correctly

Tip: Part not displaying? Check out our guide to common upload errors and troubleshooting

Manage and organize your part library

In order to serve as a useful system of record for your shop, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your library stays organized and easily navigable.

Merge parts as supporting files 

Let’s say you want to upload multiple files at once for the same part, but their names don't match - for instance, a print (5-X-9__B.pdf) and a model (5-X-9.STEP). When you upload the two files, each will initially create its own part, but they can easily be merged into one part tile. 

To merge parts:

  1. Click Select parts in the top right corner.
  2. Select the parts you would like to merge and click Actions.
  3. Select Merge Parts as Supporting Files.
  4. Select a primary file. Whichever file you do not select will become a supporting file on the part.
    1. The primary file will be the source of geometric information for this part going forward, so make sure that you choose a model if you have one.
  5. Click Merge.

Archive and delete parts

Upload something by mistake? Archive a part to remove it from your Team Parts or delete it to fully remove it from your account.

To archive parts:

  1. Click Select parts in the top right corner.
  2. Select the part(s) you would like to archive and click Actions.
  3. Select Archive and click Ok to confirm.

Archiving a part will move it to the Archived tab, but it will still exist in your account.

To restore an archived part and re-add it to Team Parts:

  1. Click Archived to view archived parts.
  2. Select the part(s) you would like to restore and click Actions.
  3. Select Restore.

To permanently delete a part:

  1. Click Archived to view archived parts.
  2. Select the part(s) you would like to delete and click Actions.
  3. Select Delete and click Ok to confirm.


I need to requote an existing part in my library. How do I add it to a new quote?

There are two ways to add an existing part in your library to a quote. 

  1. Use the Import historical work function from the new quote. 
  2. Use the Add to quote action from the Part Library. 

Both options perform the same task, but the Import historical work feature will allow you to browse versions of the quoted part and select the correct one before adding it to a quote.

To add a part to a quote: 

  1. Select one or more parts, click Add to Quote, and select from a list of existing quotes in draft.
  2. Click Add Parts to populate the chosen quote. 
    1. Quantities (including adjustments made when facilitating an order), processes, materials, add-ons of the most recent quote item will persist to the new quote. Expedites and finishes will also persist unaffected (i.e. overrides will persist). 

The part will come in exactly how it was originally quoted, with process, material, routing, quantity, etc. From there, make changes to the quote as needed.

Note: There are two types of part and revision numbers for each part that may differ: 

  1. Part library part/rev number which can be edited from the part viewer 
  2. Quote item level part/rev number edited from the Build-a-Quote page

Adding new parts will auto-populate with the part library part/revision number (including quote copies/revisions). The part library part number will remain unchanged if you update the quote item part number (unless there is no part library number). 

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