Navigate and Manage the Part Library

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    1. Team Parts, Shared with You and Archived libraries.
  2. Upload New Parts
  3. Select Parts and Action
    1. How to Merge as Supporting Files
    2. How to Add Part to Quote
    3. How to Delete Parts and Managing the Archive Tab

1. Introduction

Team Parts Tab - This parts library houses all parts uploaded by your shop and customers. You can upload a part file directly to the Part Library here. Any uploads made from the build-a-quote (including manual part creation, and any uploads from the smart RFQ form) will automatically be added to the part library.

Shared with Me Tab - These are all the parts that another shop has shared with you through external collaboration.

Archive Tab - These are all your 'deleted' parts that you archived. Deleting a quote or removing a quote item will not archive the part from the library. From the archived tab, you can restoreadd to quote, and delete permanently. 

More information on deleting quotes and managing the archived tab: How to Delete Parts

2. Upload New Parts

Navigate to the parts library, and simply drag and drop the file anywhere on the screen. Alternatively, click Upload New Part in the top right and upload the file from your computer. These parts can now be used as a reference, to collaborate via the Parts Viewer, and added to a quote.

3. Select Parts and Action

Manage and organize your parts library with the Action button. First, navigate to the parts library, and click Select Parts in the top right. Hit the Actions button and choose one of the following tasks: Merge Parts as Supporting Files, Add Part to Quote, and Archive. 

a. Merge Parts as Supporting Files 

Note. When uploading files with matching filenames, Paperless will automatically merge the files together. You can switch the primary file once you add the part to a quote! 

This will convert a part to a supporting file. Select both the primary part and its new supporting file. A window will appear for you to choose the primary file. Note. Chat messages on other parts in this selection will be deleted.

Click Merge and the supporting file will no longer appear in the part library and will now be accessible on the quote level or the part viewer (files folder icon) of its primary file.

b. Add Part to Quote 

Select one or more parts, click Add to Quote, and select from a list of existing draft quotes. This is a great option for adding bulk quote items and repeat quotes. See our resources on How to Copy and Create Quote Revisions for more options to build repeat (or similar) quotes. 

Click Add Parts to populate the chosen quote. Quantities (included adjustments made from Facilitating an order), processes, materials, add-ons of the most recent quote item will persist to the new quote. Expediates and Finishes will also persist unaffected (i.e. overrides will persist). 

The part will come in exactly how it was originally quoted, with process material, routing, quantity, etc. Then, you can make changes to the quote if need be.

Note. There are two types of part and revision numbers that may differ: (1) Part library part/rev number which can be edited from the part viewer and (2) Quote item level part/rev number edited from the build-a-quote page.

Adding new parts will auto-populate with the part library part/revision number (including quote copies/revisions). The part library part number will remain unchanged if you update the quote item part number (unless there is no part library number). 

c. Archive 

Move part(s) to the archived tab where you can additionally restore, add to quote (will still exist in the archived parts library tab), and delete permanently (not recoverable, and may affect current draft quotes). 

More information on deleting quotes and managing the archived tab: How to Delete Parts

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