Improving email deliverability

Are your emails from Paperless Parts to your customers ending up in the spam or junk folder? Are you receiving messages warning about spoofed messages? 

Because emails coming out of your organization in Paperless Parts are sent via Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) but appear to come from your address, you may run into these issues (depending on the setup of your email domain and your customers' spam criteria).  Luckily, there are a few steps we can take to prevent emails from going to your buyer's spam inboxes.

1. Verify your email address with Amazon SES

When you created your Paperless Parts account, you should have received an email from with subject line "Finish connecting your email to Paperless Parts." All you need to do is click the link at the bottom of the email and your email address will be verified. 

To confirm that an account in your organization has been verified (or to resend the verification email), check the associated profile in the Team page.

Once you verify your email address with Amazon SES, emails from Paperless Parts will originate from our servers but will be sent with a @ email address in the FROM field. If your email has not been verified with Amazon SES, it will come from

In the event that you are attempting to add a new team member and the invitation is not being sent, check your spam folder. You can also update your spam filters and whitelist the following domains listed here.

2. Authenticate your email

Once each team member's email address is verified, the next step is to add SPF and DKIM records to your domain’s DNS settings. SPF and DKIM are email authentication mechanisms that will tell your customers' email servers that emails originating from an Amazon server but sent from an address are not spam. DKIM works similarly to SPF but with an added layer of token key verification. 


Amazon provides good documentation on how to set up SPF, it is fairly simple:

In short, your IT manager needs to edit your TXT DNS record on your and add "" to it.


For DKIM, the last email authentication mechanism, you'll need to add three DNS CNAME records (generated by Paperless Parts) to your domain's DNS record. Typically, your DNS provider will have documentation for this on their help pages.

Once we initiate the process to generate these records, they will remain valid for 72 hours. If they are not appended to your domains CNAME within that window, we will need to regenerate the records.

Additional resources from AWS:

If you would like to start this process or have any questions, please reach out to

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