Digital Quote Settings

1. Terms and Conditions

2. Manufacturing, Quote, and Internal Notes

3. Display Setting

4. Checkout Settings

5. Lead Time Settings

6. Expedite Settings

7. Discounts

8. Email Templates

Digital Quote Settings

The digital quote is generated when finalizing a quote and sending it out to a customer. This quote-send email will contain a link to a digital quote where the customer will be able to validate and choose the items they would like to order. From this settings page, customize your digital quote and email templates. Start by navigating to the settings page and scroll down to "Digital Quote Settings", or click this link when signed into Paperless Parts.

1. Set Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions which will show on the Digital Quote. We've already filled it in for you, but feel free to update!

2. Set Manufacturing, Quote, and Internal Notes

These are the notes that your customer will see on the Digital Quote. These can be changed anytime on the Build-a-Quote page.3. Set Display Settings

Select the fields that will appear on the Digital Quote. 

4. Set Checkout Settings

These are the options for when a customer checks out and accepts an order: Allow for local pickup and or Send order confirmation email. Note - Send Order Confirmation Emails are a default email template. The email body will display the order date, part details (part name, process, material, finish, quantity, unit, and total price), and the total order price. A PDF of the order confirmation will be included in the email with further details (e.g. billing/shipping information, PO number, etc). 

For more information about the shipping options available on the digital quote or facilitating an order can be found here: Shipping Overview

5. Lead Time Settings

Choose the units for lead time: business days, calendar days, or by weeks. This is the display unit of "lead time" when building and sending quotes. Lead time is calculated by adding the standard lead time on the process to the sum of all DAYS calculated within the operations. This calculation happens for each quantity. 

The standard lead time for a process uses the unit you choose in your account settings. For operations, DAYS will always be business days.

6. Build-out Expedite Settings

Expedites are a great way to drive increased revenue by offering your customers the option to receive their parts earlier for a percent (%) markup. These will be your default rates. Expedite Settings will always be available to adjust in the Build-a-Quote.

7. Discounts

Enable or disable discounts for your Paperless Parts account. Learn more about discounts here.

8. Build Email Templates

View this video tutorial to create email templates.

Select from these email templates to populate the body of quote-send emails, order-shipment emails, and order refund emails. All templates can be edited within each quote before sending.

Note. The quote-send email will be sent from the verified user who is logged in and sends/finalizes the quote. All other automated emails will be sent from the admin on the account. If the user has not verified their email address, quotes will be from

- Quote-Send: These are the emails your customers will see when you've sent them a quote. 

- Order-Shipment: These are the emails your customers will receive when their order has been shipped from your facility. 

- Order Refund: These are the emails your customer will receive when their order payment has been refunded. Let's see how to edit and create new templates.

A new window will appear where you can edit your templates. Customize your names, subjects, placeholders, and texts!

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