Smart RFQ settings

Once you've added the Smart RFQ form to your website, customize the fields available to your buyers and make sure the email confirmation is coming from the correct member of your team. 

Smart RFQ fields

Navigate to the settings page and scroll down to "SmartRFQ Settings", or click this link when signed into Paperless Parts. These are the fields that are available to be shown on the RFQ form. 

Note - When the 'Process' field is hidden on the RFQ form, you must select a Process to use for Material and Finish selection. This will not be visible to customers of the SmartRFQ.

Here is an example SmartRFQ with all fields shown:

Smart RFQ auto-response email

When one of your buyers sends a submission through the smart RFQ form, they'll automatically receive an email thanking them and confirming their submission. 

Smart RFQ auto-response emails will appear to be sent by a member of your team. You can control the outgoing email address from your email notification settings by checking the "RFQ Notification Sender" box for the desired sender and clicking Save to confirm. 

Note: The phone number on the confirmation email will be the number associated with your facility. You can change your facility's phone number under Company settings

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