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The Accounting page is where you handle all of your company's financial settings in Paperless Parts. We've made it easy to update Credit Card Checkout information, set Payment Information, establish a Default Tax Rate, and set Purchase Order and Credit Receipts. Navigate to the settings page and scroll down to "Accounting", or click this link when signed into Paperless Parts.

Table of Contents

1. Credit Card Checkout

2. Payment Information

3. Default Tax Rate

4. Set Purchase Order 

5. Charge Receipts

1. Credit Card Checkout

Paperless Parts enables you to collect payment via Stripe, our 3rd party secure and convenient processing provider. Your customer will be charged at the time the order is placed, and this payment (minus the 5% processing fee) will sit in an escrow account in your name. It will remain there until you click 'Ship Parts + Collect Payout' on the Orders page. You will then receive your payment in 1 - 5 business days (depending on your bank).

Please see our article on Accepting Credit Cards in Paperless Parts for more information on setting up and collecting credit card payments in Paperless Parts.

2. Payment Information

The chosen form of payment will be charged each month for Paperless Parts fees based on your subscription (the next billing date is listed once payment information is updated). There is the option to pay by bank account or by credit card. Add your form of payment for your subscription here! 

For account verification, after your bank information is updated in Paperless Parts, your account will receive two small deposits (the statement will include AMTS). These deposits can take 1-2 business days to appear in your account. After you have received these deposits, please return to this screen to confirm these deposit amounts and verify your account ownership (there will be a Verify button as shown below). 

Come back here anytime to update your form of payment. Click Edit, and change your form of payment by clicking on the top dropdown menu. 

3. Default Checkout Methods

Set the default checkout methods for when new accounts are created in Paperless Parts. Learn more about the checkout options and how to set these up in your account here.

4. Default Tax Rate

Set a tax rate that will apply once the order is accepted and confirmed. This rate will globally populate your quotes!

Note - you can set individual tax rates for specific accounts from the Contacts Page

5. Purchase Order Fees Receipts

If you are on the transaction-based payment model, you will be able to download a report with all payments made via purchase orders by each period.

6. Charge Receipts

Download a . CSV file containing the last 100 credit card payments made by your customers. 

The CSV receipt of charges (downloadable from the settings page) reflects the charges that are placed at the time of the order and the payouts that are sitting in your Stripe account. Please refer to the day the order was completed and all parts were shipped and wait 1-5 business days from this date.

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