Company Settings

1. Company Name

2. Facility Information

3. Conformance Language

4. Shop Variables

5. Custom Part Attributes

6. Email Notification Settings

Company Settings

In Company Settings, you can build out your company's profile! Start by navigating to the settings page and scroll down to "Company", or click this link when signed into Paperless Parts.

1. Set Company Name

This will update the company name from the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar.

2. Facility Information

Adding a facility is a critical step as your facility’s logo, name, and address will all be visible on quotes you send to customers. Note that your account is required to have at least one facility set up to send quotes from Paperless Parts.

To set up a facility:

  1. Click Add new facility.
  2. Add a logo file. This is the logo that will be present on any quotes you send to customers from Paperless.
  3. Add a facility name and address.
  4. Click Save.

If you need to adjust these values after saving, click the two arrows next to a facility to open the Facility Information drawer.

Multiple Facilities

If you create more than one facility in your settings, you'll be able to select which facility a quote is coming from on a quote-by-quote basis. The selected facility will appear on the Digital Quote you send to your customer. 

Click Preview to see facility information on the Digital Quote. 

Note: Users with multiple facilities will need to assign a default facility. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the Facility Information drawer and click Set as default. (This is an Enterprise-level feature.)

If you are interested in adding this option to your current plan, please reach out to your main contact at Paperless Parts or our Support team. 

3.Set your Conformance Language

This is the language that will appear on your Certificates of Conformance. You can download this certificate from the orders details page after finalizing a quote. We have filled it in for you, but feel free to update it.

Set your Shop Variables

This is where you can manage Markup and Overhead, as well as time frames for quotes. These percentages and times will globally populate your quoting! 

- Default Time to Quote: Default quote due date, from the time that the quote is created. Can be updated at the individual quote level. 

- Default Quote Expiration: Default quote expiration date, from the time a quote is finalized and sent out to the customer. Can be updated at the individual quote level. 

- Default Time to Complete Tasks: Default task completion date, from the time the task is assigned. Can be updated at the individual quote level.

5. Set Custom Part Attributes

Custom part attributes can be character-based (string), numerical, or True/False (boolean). These will be applied to each part when creating your quote. Can be updated at the individual quote level.

For more information on how these custom part attributes are used can be found here: P3L Language Features

6. Email Notification Settings

If you are using our Smart RFQ Form, this setting will designate who in your shop will receive the automated notification and response to the RFQ. Click Add Email to include external non-team members to get the same email notifications (except RFQ Notification Sender).

Note. The quote-send email will be sent from the verified user who is logged in and sends/finalizes the quote. All other automated emails will be sent from the admin on the account. If the user has not verified their email address, quotes will be from

Note. The quote-send email will automatically CC the user who is logged in and sends/finalizes the quote, and auto BCC the salesperson assigned to the quote. You can review and edit these before sending out each email. 

- Quote-Send BCC Recipient: Automatically BCC this user on all quotes sent in the platform.

- Invoice BCC Recipient: Includes this user on invoice emails, which only occur when a customer pays with a credit card.

- RFQ Notification Sender: The user email address that SmartRFQ confirmation email will appear to come from when customers submit RFQs through the SmartRFQ from. Must have your email verified on the team's page in order to be able to do this. 

- RFQ Received Recipient: The user will get an email every time an RFQ is received from the Online RFQ form on your website

- Order Confirmation Recipient: The user will get CC'd on order confirmation emails which can be sent after you facilitate order in Paperless Parts, or will automatically be sent if a customer checks out themselves from the Digital Quote. You can turn off the automatic order confirmation emails on the settings page “Checkout Settings.”

- Requote Request Recipient: The user will get an email if a customer requests a re-quote of an expired quote.

- Payment Receipt Recipient: The user receives your payment receipts from Paperless Parts.

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