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Learn how to add new accounts and contacts and update payment settings for specific customers and vendors.



Information about your buyers and vendors (and the companies they work for) is stored in your organization as accounts and contacts. Each contact represents an individual that you work with during the quoting process, while accounts represent the company that contact works for. Contacts can then be associated with accounts, and light CRM information can be stored at both the contact and the account level.

Each quote you send through Paperless Parts is required to have an assigned contact and will be sent to that person's email address. 

Accessing accounts and contacts

To view your organization's library accounts and contacts, select Contacts in the navigation bar. 

Adding new accounts

To create a new account, click "Add account" at the bottom of the accounts table. If you want to do a bulk import of a large group of accounts and contacts, send an Excel sheet with First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Email Address and we'll handle importing them for you.

Add your new customer's or vendor's Account Name, Phone, Website, Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Website. Add a salesperson, ERP code, Credit line, Tax Rates, Payment

Note: Selecting Vendor as the account type will restrict the account and its associated contacts from being assigned to a quote. Please make sure the account type is Customer in order to assign a contact to a quote.

You can manage Payment Terms, set an Order Credit Line, and manage the Tax Rate all here. Purchase orders are default enabled for all contacts. If you have credit cards enabled for your account, you will have the option to turn off POs as a payment option. Unchecking this box will enforce credit cards as the payment option. If the box is greyed and you would like to enable credit cards, you can set them up in the Settings Page.

Once the account is created, click on the account to view the account, update information, and add contacts, facilities, and a billing address.

Note: Each account can have multiple contacts. A contact can only be associated with one Account.

Note: Your customer's or vendor's Billing and Shipping information will automatically be updated when they check out with the Digital Quote. In the meantime, come here to update their information. The Shipping information is very important as this will be where your manufactured parts are shipped to upon checkout with the Digital Quote. 

Adding new contacts

To create a new contact, go to the "Contacts" tab in the table and click "Add Contact". Creating a contact is the same workflow as creating a new account.

You can manage contact information by opening a contact and clicking 'Edit' to update details and/or an associate the contact with an account. 

Note: Contacts must have an email that has not been used previously for another contact. If you are still getting an error about an existing email and you cannot find it on the platform, please reach out to our Support team.

Bulk editing or deleting contacts or accounts

After selecting specific contacts or accounts, you can bulk update or delete the selected items:

For contacts, you can bulk update salesperson and account:

For accounts, you can bulk update type, salesperson, payment terms, tax exempt status, credit card acceptance status, and PO acceptance status:

Other actions: downloading your contacts/accounts and searching

On the right-hand side of the top bar, you can download all of your contacts or accounts (depending on which tab of the table you are in). You can also search your contacts and accounts by name, phone, email, address, and more.

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