Creating email templates

Build email templates

Select from these email templates to populate the body of quote-send emails, order-shipment emails, and order refund emails. All templates can be edited within each quote before sending.

Quote-Send: These are the emails your customers will see when you've sent them a quote. 

Order-Shipment: These are the emails your customers will receive when their order has been shipped from your facility. 

Order Refund: These are the emails your customer will receive when their order payment has been refunded. Let's see how to edit and create new templates.

A new window will appear where you can edit your templates. Customize your names, subjects, placeholders, and texts.

Tips for creating email templates

Creating email templates is an easy way to save time and make your shop look good with your customers. Here are some tips we have for creating great email templates:

  • Include the list of part numbers in your email so buyers can search by it (use the "Part Numbers" placeholder so the list generates automatically for each quote)
  • Add the RFQ number in the subject line so your buyers can quickly find the quote they are looking for
  • If your shop has an RFQ submission site, add the link to encourage your buyers to submit RFQs through the site
  • Encourage your customers to submit 3D models for faster quoting
We also recommend creating a repository of templates for different situations so you never have to write a quote-send email from scratch. For instance:
  • Email template for new customers
    • Add information about your shop, how to submit RFQs, how to checkout with the Digital Quote
  • Email template for existing customers
    • A shorter email template that reminds your customer where your RFQ form is and encourages them to submit 3D models
  • Email template for following up on viewed / unviewed quotes
    • Quickly resend quotes that have been viewed to increase your win rate
    • Email template should be similar to your initial quote-send email but with an added note that you are following up to see if they saw the quote / have any questions 
    • Learn more about how to create a custom filter for outstanding quotes to follow up on here
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