8. How to Utilize Workflows

Workflows V1:

Track and visualize the status of your quotes in progress, and indicate a completion status on all quote items and subassembly components to increase visibility across your shop’s floor.

The Workflows tile provides users with a high-level overview of what work is left to be done on outstanding quotes. Check the status of your quotes against upcoming due dates to prioritize work most effectively.

Manage and add workflow steps by navigating to the Configure page, or clicking here when logged in!

Quote Status:

  • Not Started: All line items require attention
  • In Progress (%): One or more line items is in progress, percentage is dictated by the number of completed vs outstanding items
  • Complete: All line items have been finalized

Visualize the progress of the quote from the RFQ received stage to completion, and quickly navigate to line items and assembly components that need attention. This will allow for greater visibility when working on many quotes, or collaborating with many estimators. 

To utilize the Workflows tool most effectively, be sure to update the status of line items as your team is working quotes. Line items will default to a status of “Not Started”, and can be updated to “On Hold”, “In Progress”, and “Completed” respectively.

In turn, the Status/Completion Percentage will be reflected back to the Workflows Tile.

Don’t want to utilize Workflows?

Upon finalizing the quote, you will be able to ignore warnings for incomplete quote items. 

Please reach out to support@paperlessparts.com with questions/feedback.

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