Assign jobs to members of your team and keep track of what needs to get done with Tasks. 

Assign tasks

Tasks are assigned from the internal collaboration tool. To access internal collaboration, navigate to the Part Viewer and click the chat icon in the top right corner. 

Click Assign Task at the bottom of the chat. Choose the team member who will own the task and a due date and click Assign. Type a message describing the task and press ENTER or click the send icon to confirm. 

Tip: Use the Add annotation option to annotate a specific feature or DFM warning on the part and add context to the task. 

The team member you assign will receive a notification via email and in Paperless Parts. 

Manage and track tasks

Manage and view all current and open tasks right from your home dashboard Notifications or from the Tasks page

Note: To access the Tasks page, select See all tasks on your home dashboard. 

From here, you can filter tasks by their assignee, status, and associated quote number. 

Clicking on a task will take you directly to the part viewer, where you can quickly respond and collaborate with your team.

  • Reply and tag your teammate so they get an email notification.
  • Edit the task person and due dates.
  • Resolve the task when it's been completed. 
  • Reopen a task and the task will reappear on the home dashboard and notifications. 
    • Note: There will be no new email notification for a re-opened task. Please tag your teammate! 
  • Delete to remove the task from that part file. 
    • Note: Deleted tasks are unrecoverable. 

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