5. External Collaboration - Customer Perspective

This resource will explain and walk through external file sharing and collaboration from the customer/vendor perspective. There is also additional information about navigating the parts viewer account.

Table of Contents 

  • Create Parts Viewer Account
  • Navigating Parts Viewer Account
    • Dashboard 
    • Parts Page and Part Viewer
    • Configure Page
    • Resources Page
    • Team Page
    • Settings Page
  • External Collaboration 

Create Parts Viewer Account

When a shop shares a file with you, an email notification will be sent. If this is your first time, click Create Secure Account to set up your parts viewer account. Once logged in, you will be taken directly to the shared file. 

Navigating the Parts Viewer Account

The search anything bar at the top will follow you throughout the platform, and allow you to quickly find any part. Search by file name, part numbers, and revision numbers. 

Dashboard Page 

The main dashboard houses all notifications, such as new replies and shares or requests for access. Notifications can alternatively be accessed via the Bell icon in the top left corner.

Parts Page

Upload your own files and find them in the Team Parts library. Click Select Parts from the Team Parts tab to either Archive or Merge together as Supporting Files (this converts a part to be a supporting file and merges it with a primary file)

The  Shared with Me library houses all parts that a shop has shared with you. 

The  Archived is your deleted files from the teams' parts library.

Part Viewer

Click on any part to be taken to the Part Viewer. Here you can view the file(s), features, and begin collaborating. Please see the following resources for more information: Collaborating with your Team as a Part Viewer Account Member and our Part Viewer Help Page.

Configure Page

Customize how the interrogations geometrically analyze CAD 3D models. Create custom interrogations, or click on an existing interrogation to adjust inputs that will affect what features and manufacturability feedback are shown to you in the part viewer. 

For more information on our default and custom interrogations: Process Interrogations Help Page

Resources Page and Help Drawer

This tab will take you directly to our Knowledge Base. Here you can find documentation and videos on all aspects of Paperless Parts.

Click on the question mark icon in the top right corner. This is our Help Drawer, our one-stop-shop for everything you need regarding quick tips, training material, and reaching out to support within the context of the page that you open the drawer on.

Team Page

Manage your team on this account: invite new members, and update existing ones. Read more about the Team page: Teams Page Part Viewer Perspective

Settings Page

Update your user profile, accounting, and company settings from this page! 

- User profile allows you to update your name, password, enable 2-factor authentication and track login activity. See this resource for more information about the user profile (note article is for Paperless Quoting Users): User Profile

- Manage your payment information in the Accounting tab. We accept credit cards and banks as payments. 

- Company settings allow you to change the name of your company. This will update the name that appears at the top right, as well as future external shares. 

External Collaboration 

Once your account has been created, any future shares will notify you by email. Click Access File to start collaborating!

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