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Welcome to the Team Help Page! Here, you can manage information and permissions for all of your team members. Let's see how to do it!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Add Team Members

3. User Permissions

4. Search for Team Members

1. Introduction

First, navigate to the Team page on the sidebar. 

The Team page will be your home base for managing all members of your company involved with Paperless Parts. Let's walk through how to add a new team member.

2. Add Team Members

The Add Team Member action is in the top left-hand of the Team Page. You will be redirected to a new page.

Build out your new Team Members profile! 

3. User Permissions

In User Permissions, you can establish what sort of abilities each Team Member has on the Paperless Parts platform. 

A. No Access: Users cannot access the Paperless Parts platform. This might be for a purely administrative purpose. 

B. Read-only: Users can view existing and drafted quotes, but cannot generate new quotes. This might be for a user that is involved in the quoting process, but does not have decision-making responsibilities. 

C. Draft: User can create and save new quotes, or edit existing drafts, but cannot finalize or send quotes to customers. 

D. Finalize: User can create, edit, finalize, and send new or drafted quotes.

Depending on what access you give each Team Member, they will only be able to access certain parts of the Platform. As you can see, No Access offers almost no access to the platform, Read-Only grants Team Members access to the Analytics page, and Edit (Finalize) allows access to the full platform.

Note - You must invite the Team Member in order to active their account. The user will receive an email from Paperless Parts prompting them to create their account. They will then be able to access the platform within their chosen permissions.

4. Search for Team Members

As you grow and more Team Members to the platform, you can search for users in top right-hand part of the Team page screen. You can search by Name, Job Title, and Email.

Note - You can edit or delete your team members by accessing the pencil or trash bin next to their names.

That's all! You now know how to add Team Members and manage Permissions! For more information or to continue building your account, see our Resources page!

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