Team page and User permissions

Welcome to the Team page! Here, you can manage information and permissions for all of your team members.

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Accessing the Team page

To navigate to the Team page:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner to open the Account menu.
  2. Select Team.

This will be your home base for managing anybody from your shop with a Paperless Parts account. 

Adding team members

Let’s start by adding a user to your team.

  1. Click Add team member to create a new user profile.

  1. Build out your teammate’s profile.
    1. The only required field here is Email, but we recommend you add more. Your team member will also be able to add or edit all of this information on their own (other than email) once they accept their invitation to the platform.
  2. Assign their permissions. These will establish what abilities each user has and what information they can access in Paperless.
    1. To learn more about what each permission entails, check out our detailed User Permissions section below. 
  3. Once you’re ready to add them to the team, click Invite. This will send an invitation to the user’s email.

Edit and remove team members

Edit an existing profile (including your own) by clicking the pencil icon to the right of a profile. Remove users from Paperless by clicking the trash can icon.  

User permissions

In User Permissions, you can establish what sort of abilities each Team Member has on the Paperless Parts platform. 

Quote creation permissions

A. No Access: Users cannot access the Paperless Parts platform. This might be for a purely administrative purpose. 

B. Read-only: Users can view existing and drafted quotes, but cannot generate new quotes. This might be for a user that is involved in the quoting process, but does not have decision-making responsibilities. 

C. Draft: User can create and save new quotes, or edit existing drafts, but cannot finalize or send quotes to customers. 

D. Finalize: User can create, edit, finalize, and send new or drafted quotes. Depending on what access you give each Team Member, they will only be able to access certain parts of the Platform. As you can see, No Access offers almost no access to the platform, Read-Only grants Team Members access to the Analytics page, and Edit (Finalize) allows access to the full platform. Note - You must invite the Team Member in order to activate their account. The user will receive an email from Paperless Parts prompting them to create their account. They will then be able to access the platform within their chosen permissions.

General permissions

Accounting - The Accounting section from the Settings Page (Payout Location, Payment Information, Default Tax Rate, Purchase Order Fee Receipts, Charge Receipts, Payment Receipts). 

Analytics - The entire Analytics page.

Customers - The entire Contacts page. 

Note: From the quote level, creating/updating a Contact is directly tied to the Contacts/Accounts page. You will need to give your estimator Edit access to create or update a Contact from the Build-a-Quote page.

DigiQuote Settings - The DigiQuote Settings section from the Settings Page (Terms and Conditions, Manufacturer's Notes, Quote Notes, Internal Notes, Display Settings, Checkout Settings, Lead Time Settings, Expedite Settings, Email Templates)

Note: This permission is only applicable to the defaults that are set for the above. If your estimator has Quote creations permissions set as Draft or Finalize, these DigiQuote Settings can still be updated on the Quote level. The default terms and conditions can not be updated from the Quote level. 

Integrations - The Integrations section from the Settings Page (QuickBooks (Beta) and API Token). 

Orders - The entire Orders page. This does not prevent the user from facilitating an order from a quote. 

Processes - The entire Configure page, its tabs, and all P3L configuration. 

Note: If a member of your team has edit permissions for Quotes but does not have edit access for Processes, they will not be able to add/create new purchased components in your account or see the P3L (including any unsurfaced variables) for all operations. 

Supplier Settings - The Company Settings section from the Settings Page (Company Name, Facility Information, Conformance Language, Shop Variables, Custom, Part Attributes, Email Notification Settings)

Team - The entire Teams page. 

IT Module user permissions

If your shop has purchased the IT module, you'll have an additional set of permissions available for each member of your team. This includes:

Note: As part of our IT module package, this feature is available for purchase at the Professional and Enterprise pricing tiers. To learn more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team today.

CUI permissions

The CUI Data permission allows you to control which users can view controlled part data, as marked by the export-controlled/ITAR flag. Deselecting the CUI Data option for a user blocks them from seeing CUI in any part of the application (including global search, the part library, quotes, orders, Similar Parts search, notifications, Analytics, etc). Any part, quote, or order with CUI data will not be present in their account. 

For example, here's one CUI-allowed user's (example) part library.

Here's that same part library for a user who does not have permission to see CUI data. 

Download permissions

Prevent a member of your team from downloading files locally by unchecking the Download permission in their account. This will remove the Download all option and download arrows from their instance of Paperless Parts. Here's what the part viewer looks like for a user without Download permissions:

External share permissions

We've added three tiers of permissions to the external share feature, giving you control over how members of your team interact with any messages sent to entities outside of your shop.  Users with  Edit permission can view, contribute to, and initiate new external collaboration conversations as usual.

Read-only users can view and contribute to external collaboration conversations, but cannot initiate conversations with entities outside of your organization. They'll be able to see the External tab in the collaboration tool, but they won't have the Start New Chat option available. 

No access users will not be able to view or edit any external collaboration messages. By default, their collaboration tool will always be on the Internal tab and will not have the External tab available. 

Administrator permissions

Users marked as Administrators have access to the maximum permission set, including edit permissions on the full suite of permissions outlined above. Once a team member is marked as an administrator, they cannot be removed from your organization by any non-Administrator user.

Administrators also have access to a CUI Audit Loga CSV record of which users have accessed CUI data in their organization. 

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