Tube Laser Feature Iteration

In this article, we will break down each feature and feedback type extracted from our tube laser interrogation, as well as provide some examples of how to use them in your pricing formulas. The cheat sheet below contains all the high level information you will need to get started. For more specifics on what each feature and feedback instance represents, check out our tube laser interrogation article.

Cheat Sheet

tube_laser = analyze_tube_laser()  # request interrogation

# iterate through cutout features
total_cut_length = 0
total_pierce_count = 0
for cutout_feature in get_features(tube_laser, name='tube_cutout_feature'):
  total_cut_length +=
  total_pierce_count += 1

total_weld_length = 0
for cutout_end in get_features(tube_laser, name='tube_cutout_end'):
  # tube cutout ends have same properties as regular cutout features 
  # but they represent the two ends of the tube
  total_cut_length +=
  total_weld_length +=
  total_pierce_count += 1

for lasered_countersink in get_features(tube_laser, name='lasered_countersink'):
  total_cut_length +=
  total_pierce_count += 1
  do_something_with_lasered_countersinks = 1

for feature in get_features(tube_laser):  # iterate thru all features
  if == 'lasered_countersink':
    # access information with dot notation into properties
    do_something_with_lasered_countersink = 1

for feedback in get_feedback(tube_laser):  # iterate thru feedback
  if == 'angled_cut':
    # access information with dot notation into properties
    do_something_with_angled_cuts = 1

# get count of feature type by using len() and specifying name
num_lasered_countersinks = len(get_features(tube_laser, name='lasered_countersink'))

# get count of feedback type by using len() and specifying name
num_angled_cuts = len(get_feedback(tube_laser, name='angled_cut'))

# access features and feedback directly though dot operator from analyze_ object
# returns copies of p3l lists that can be filtered and sorted
features = tube_laser.features.filter(lambda x: in create_list('tube_cutout_feature', 'tube_cutout_end')).sort(lambda x: -x.cut_length)
for f in iterate(features):
  do_something = 1

for f in iterate(
  do_something = 1
Name Properties
tube_cutout_feature area, cut_length
tube_cutout_end area, cut_length
lasered_countersink area, cut_length, depth, major_diameter, semi_angle
counterbore depth, diameter
countersink depth, major_diameter, semi_angle
Feedback Reference
Name Level Properties (short description)
angled_cut manufacturing_issue cut_length, angle
close_countersink_bores manufacturing_issue distance, distance_ratio (traversal/thickness)
close_cutouts manufacturing_issue distance, distance_ratio (traversal/thickness)
countersink_bore_to_edge manufacturing_issue distance, distance_ratio (traversal/thickness)
cutout_to_edge manufacturing_issue distance, distance_ratio (traversal/thickness)
cylindrical_close_countersinks manufacturing_issue distance, distance_ratio (traversal/thickness)
cylindrical_close_cutouts manufacturing_issue distance, distance_ratio (traversal/thickness)
incompatible_tube complete_exclusion n/a
machining_required manufacturing_issue n/a
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