Tube Laser Process

Paperless Parts has an interrogation module for tube laser processes. This module analyzes a 3D part file and extracts useful attributes for pricing including dimensions, cut length, pierce count, and cross section type. A diagram defining the dimensions of each compatible tube cross section can be found in our Tube Laser Interrogation document.

You can customize the cut rate and pierce time of your equipment based on the material and thickness using custom tables. Take a look at our custom tables article on how to use these.

To analyze a part for a tube laser process, add this line to your pricing program:

tube_laser = analyze_tube_laser()

The   tube_laser object will contain the attributes described below.

Tube Laser Attributes

Attribute Description Metric units US units
stock_type Cross section of the tube, options include: round, rectangular, rectangular_radiused, incompatible n/a n/a 
thickness Thickness of sheet metal part mm in
length Length of the tube mm in
width Width of the tube part (applicable for rectangular and rectangular_radiused stock types) mm in
height Height of the tube part (applicable for rectangular and rectangular_radiused stock types) mm in
diameter Diameter of the tube part (applicable for round stock type) mm in
internal_radius Internal radius of the tube part (applicable for rectangular_radiused stock type) mm in
total_cut_length Cut length across all cut out features you would mark mm in
pierce_count Number of pierces of material required for a laser n/a n/a 
features P3LList copy of all tube laser features on the part n/a n/a
feedback P3LList copy of all tube laser manufacturability feedback on the part n/a n/a

Basic Examples

This example suggests how to price your material operation for a tube laser process by length of the tube:

tube_laser = analyze_tube_laser()
price_per_inch = var('Cost Per Inch', 1, '$/in', currency, frozen=True)
length = var('Tube Length', 0, 'in', number, frozen=False)


mat_cost = var('Material Unit Price ($)',230,'', currency, frozen=False)
mat_cost.update(price_per_inch * length)
PRICE = part.qty * mat_cost
DAYS = part.mat_added_lead_time

This example suggests a simple way to price tube laser cutting:

tube_laser = analyze_tube_laser()

cut_length = var('Cut Length (in)', 0, '', number, frozen=False)

pierce_count = var('Pierce Count', 0, '', number, frozen=False)

cut_rate = var('Mat Cut Rate (in/min)', 20, '', number)
pierce_time = var('Mat Pierce Time (sec/pierce)', 2.5, '', number)

setup_time = var('setup_time', 10/60, 'Setup time (hr)', number, frozen=True)

runtime = var('runtime', 0, '', number, frozen=False)
runtime.update(cut_length / cut_rate / 60 + pierce_count * pierce_time / 3600)
rate = var('Total Rate ($/hr)', 230, '', currency)

PRICE = runtime * part.qty * rate + setup_time * rate
DAYS = 0
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