How to Reach Support

To reach out to the Paperless Parts support team, either use the question mark beacon in the platform and select Contact Support Team or email 

Please provide the following information so we can help you as fast as possible:

  1. Type of case: Question, Issue, Feedback, Pricing Configuration, Other
    1. This field is pre-populated in the support beacon in the platform
  2. Priority: High, Medium, Low
    1. High: Reserve selecting High Priority for instances that are preventing you from sending urgent quotes. In these cases, please include a phone number and we will call you.
    2. Medium: Any question, issue, or request that does not need to be resolved immediately. We usually respond in less than an hour.
    3. Low: Any feedback or comments that are not time sensitive.
  3. Quote number / part number (if applicable)
  4. Name of operation (if applicable)
  5. Any other relevant information
    1. Examples: If this issue is quote-specific or happening to all quotes, if this issue has happened before, if this is being seen by all users at your shop, etc.
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