3D Viewer tools

Selection tool

Use this to see all the geometric properties associated with an edge or face that you'd like to identify. Furthermore, this can be used to annotate features and faces into chat.

Measure tool

Use this to measure the distance between two features, faces, or edges on the part. You can annotate these measurements into the collaboration tool. This measurement tool will behave like a caliper when selecting parallel faces or concentric cylinders. When selecting circular entities, the measurement will be performed from the parametric center of the edge or face.

We will also show meta data about the angle between two selected faces in the bottom right of the screen.

Axis-aligned dimensions

This will show the X-, Y-, and Z-axis dimensions of the part as the model file was designed and oriented in 3D space.

Optimal bounding box

This will show the dimensions of the smallest box that fits the active part file geometry.


Render the part as a wireframe model.

Highlight features view

Make the highlighted faces and edges currently selected from the features and manufacturability analysis more prevalent.

Highlight focused bodies view

Show the focused bodies as solid/opaque and other selected bodies as slightly transparent.

Reset view

Exploded view

This will expand an assembly in space to get a better view of individual components while maintaining relative orientations.

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