How to Facilitate Orders

Perhaps your customer sent you the PO to a quote via email, and not through the Digital Quote. 

1. To facilitate an order in Paperless Parts, go to the outstanding quote and hit 'Facilitate Order'. 

2. You will now go through the same flow your customer would if they were to checkout with the Digital Quote. 

3. Select your quantities, desired lead times, input any adjuments or additional charges, and hit 'Create Order'. 

4. Determine payment method, shipping information, billing information, shipping options, and attach a purchase order (if applicable). 

4. Hit 'Place Order', and the quote will automatically be moved from Outstanding to Accepted, and an Order will automatically be created in the Orders page. 

Note, click Facilitate Order, add adjustments with the new quantity, and then Create Order. This will effectively update the digital quote that you can re-send to your customer (Actions / Resend Order). 

Note, if you are utilizing QuickBooks Online please do not select the "No Payment" option. Choosing this further leads to having no Shipping or Billing Addresses for these orders. Without these filled in properly, an invoice will not be created and cause an error in the sync to QuickBooks Online.

Now you can facilitate an order on any quote! If the quote is still a draft, facilitating an order will put the quote into outstanding status. You can even facilitate 'expired' quotes. The quote expiration is the expiration date for the digital quote link that your customer utilizes to checkout. 

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