How Do I Verify My Email Address?

Verifying Email Addresses

Paperless requires that you verify your identities (the domains or email addresses that you send email from) to confirm that you own them, and to prevent unauthorized use. This section includes information about verifying email address identities. For information about verifying domain identities, see Verifying Domains in Amazon SES.

Consider the following factors when you verify email addresses for use with Paperless:

  • You must verify each identity that you use as a "From," "Source," "Sender," or "Return-Path" address. You can, however, add a label to an email address that has already been verified without performing any additional verification steps (see the information later in this list).
  • Email addresses are case-sensitive. If you verify, you can't send email from unless you verify as well.

After you set a password for Paperless Parts you will receive a verification email. This email can be directed to spam or the promotions holder at times.

Improving Email Flow

Are your emails from Paperless Parts to your customers ending up in the spam or junk folder? 
Are you receiving messages warning about spoofed messages? 

This is something that does happen for some of our customers while onboarding Paperless Parts depending on the setup of the email domain. Automated emails sent out of paperless parts are sent by Amazon SES, but appear to come from your address. This is relating to the SES verification you successfully completed when you initially signed up. There are a few steps we can take to improve the flow of Paperless Parts emails through your email to prevent this.

Verify your Email Address

Once you verify your email address with Amazon SES, emails from Paperless Parts will originate from our servers but will be sent with a @ email address in the FROM field.

The admin of the account can view which emails have been successfully verified with SES by navigating to the Teams page, or clicking this link, and clicking the edit pencil next to each member. 

This member below still needs verification. You can go ahead and resend the verification link here!

This member has now been successfully verified with SES, so the next steps will be below.

Authenticate your Email

We need to add SPF and DKIM records to your domain’s DNS settings. SPF and DKIM are email authentication mechanisms that will tell your customers' email servers that email originating from an Amazon server but sent from an @ address is not spam.

Amazon provides good documentation on how to set up SPF:

In short, your IT manager needs to edit your TXT DNS record on and add "" to it. For DKIM, the second email authentication mechanism, you'll need to add three DNS CNAME records to your domain's DNS record. 

We will generate these records, and they will remain valid for 72 hours. If they are not appended to your domains CNAME within that window, we will need to regenerate the records.

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to

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