What's New in Paperless Parts - October 30, 2019

October comes with several updates including the ability to communicate with your customers and other external people using Conversations, assembly improvements in the viewer, and many more!

Create “Conversations” to Securely Communicate with Customers and Other External People

You can now communicate with your customers, finishers, and other parties from within Paperless Parts. These “Conversations” are isolated so external users only see the contents of that conversation and any files shared with them. 

In order to guarantee the security of your data, we require any external parties to create a free, secure account with Paperless Parts. This ensures your data is only accessible to people you grant access to.

How It Works

When viewing a part, simply click on the "+" sign in the bottom left corner:

You will be prompted to name the conversation:

You can then invite people outside of your team to join the conversation:

For each channel, you can control who is in there and what type of permissions they have:

By turning on "Can upload supporting files", users added to the conversation can upload additional supporting files. 

"Access all files" will grant external users access to all supporting files including any files added later.

If you want to limit the set of files someone can access, only click the checkmark for the files you want them to access.

Best Practices for Conversations

If you want to isolate different external parties, we suggest creating separate conversations. This will allow you to isolate the chat and the files shared between different groups. For example, if you have two potential outside finishers who can give you a quote, we suggest creating separate conversations so that they do not see your conversation with the other finisher.

Assembly Improvements 

This month comes with a host of improvements for assemblies!

Assembly Tree in the Viewer

The latest viewer updates allow you to:

  • Navigate through the assembly tree
  • Isolate Parts
  • View and focus on all instances of components in the tree to easily find the same component in the assembly

Upload SOLIDWORKS and Creo Assemblies as Zip Files

Paperless Parts now supports SOLIDWORKS and Creo assemblies. Create a zip file of your assembly using the "Pack and Go" feature in SOLIDWORKS or zipping up the folder of your Creo files. Upload them to Paperless Parts to view and quote assemblies.

Other Featured Updates

  • You can now download the primary files from the viewer.
  • When you export a CSV from the Quotes or Orders pages, you now get status as a column.
  • You can now search by "Purchase Order #" in the Orders tab
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