Getting Started with Paperless Parts

Paperless Parts is the secure, cloud-based manufacturing platform that enables teams to communicate better while making smarter, faster, more informed decisions. Paperless Parts gives everyone on your team access to 3D CAD and print viewing which ensures your team can communicate effectively and that information never gets lost.

Starting with Paperless Parts is easy! 

1. Upload Files

2. Add teammates

3. Open the files and start chatting, viewing DFM warnings, and much more.

Upload Files

Start by uploading files using the "Upload New Part" button or drag and dropping files.

After uploading, you will see your files in the Parts section. Open a file by clicking on one of the parts:

Specify Part Number, Revision, and DFM Process

Click on the "Edit" button on the left side to specify the Part Number, Revision, and DFM Process.

Selecting a specific DFM process will interrogate the part to identify Manufacturability Issues.

Once interrogation is done, you will see the results as shown below:

You can also upload supporting files like drawings, RFQs, images, and any other files relevant to the part. Simply click on the supporting files section and upload files:

When you do this, you and your team can chat around the main part and its supporting files. By uploading all the supporting files, you can ensure your entire team is on the same page.

Adding Your Team

Paperless Parts is built for teams. Learn how to add your teammates here.

Using the Viewer

Quickly Find Features and Manufacturability Issues

You click on specific manufacturability issues and features to see where it is.

Viewer Tools

You can use the viewer tools like the selection tool, caliper tool, bounding box, wireframe, and transparency in order to manipulate the view.

Better Team Collaboration with Chat

Chat with your team in the context of the CAD model. Capture all decisions and communication, even on supporting files! Read more about chat in Paperless Parts

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