What's New in Paperless Parts - September 19, 2019

This release includes huge viewer improvements and a new chat tool for better collaboration.

New and Improved Viewer Experience

The latest viewer updates include:

  • New transparency button to better see internal details and manufacturability warnings
  • Improved anti-aliasing so your parts render better.
  • Navigation improvements. You can double click or use the scroll wheel to center the view. You can now zoom to the cursor.

Better Team Collaboration with Chat

You can now chat with your team in the context of the CAD model. Capture all decisions and communication, even on supporting files!

Communicate with Annotations

These selections are captured as part of your message so that your team can see exactly what you are talking about.

Notify your teammates using @mention

When adding messages, you can use an @mention to add your teammates to message.  Start by typing '@':

Select your teammate from the dropdown to tag them:

This will send them an email notification:

Reply to Messages

You can hover a message and click on the conversation icon to reply to a message. This will also send a notification to the people who wrote responses to the original comment.

View What File the Comment Was Added To

You can navigate to the file that a comment was added to by clicking on the eye icon when you hover over a message.

Quickly Find Features and Manufacturability Issues

You can now click on specific manufacturability issues and features to see where it is.

All Your Parts in One Place

All the parts you quoted are now in the new 'Parts' page. You can upload additional files to collaborate with your team.

A Note for Additive Users:

Updating orientation for pricing for additive processes now happens in the operations modal.

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