Updates to Materials Settings

We understand: managing materials across multiple processes can be difficult. That’s why we have created the new Materials section. By default, all your processes will contain the full list of materials so that you no longer have to add the same material across all your different processes. 

Want to still limit the materials offered for specific processes? Don't worry, you can still manage the supported materials on the process level too and will be covered in this article.

Additionally, these updates bring improvements to the interface to streamline your quoting experience.  The quoting interface makes it easier to select materials from the full material list when you quote. The Smart RFQ form has also been updated to allow your customers to select from the full list of materials available.

Note: As part of this update, your pricing, custom names, and lead times have been transitioned so you should not see any changes. Manufacturers using additive processes will also see that their Smart RFQ Form will still offer the same limited set of materials previously available. 

How Materials Settings Work

We have added a material tab to the Processes page. By default, all processes will reference this full list of materials. Materials are grouped by class and family. Find a material by navigating through the material class and family: 

When you click set price by cubic inch, per pound, or cubic millimeter. You can also set an optional lead time (in days), and create custom material names. 

Note: If you cannot find a specific material, please reach out to support@paperlessparts.com and we will promptly add it. 

Once you apply pricing, additional lead time or custom material name, you will see these presented in the table:

Quoting with the Full List of Materials

The full list of materials are now available when you are quoting. The Build Quote interface has been updated to allow you to search for materials by typing into the input field:

Or by searching through the material families and classes:

You can also edit your material pricing from right within the quoting interface by clicking on "Edit Material Properties":

This full list of materials are also available on the RFQ form with the same ability to search of navigate to the chosen material..

Limiting the Materials Offered for Additive Processes and Others

Users can limit which materials are available on the RFQ form. Because of how important material specification is to additive processes, users must still specify which materials they want to offer on the RFQ form. 

When you go to a specific process, you can enable the toggle for “Limit materials to a managed list.” This then enables you offer a limited set of materials for that process, similar to how material management previously worked.


Q. What is the advantage of offering all materials in my RFQ Form?

A. You allow the customer to communicate exactly what materials they want to use! Many of our most successful CNC shops offer almost all materials. When they find the customer asking for materials that are not optimal, these shops use it as an opportunity to educate their customer, leading to a stronger supplier-customer relationship.

Q. What will happen to all my existing materials across my processes?

A. As part of this change, all non-additive processes will offer all materials in the Build Quote interface and the Smart RFQ Form. We mapped your existing pricing, lead times, and custom names to this new interface so you should see minimal changes other than an improved experience.

For additive processes, we purposefully limited the material offering to match your existing settings.

Q. How do I add multiple colors of the same material?

A. We have added color variants into our mater material list. If you are using colors with your custom names today, these will be transitioned to the new color variants added to the central materials list. If a color variant is missing, contact support@paperlessparts.com so we can add that for you.

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