Quotes Page

1. Can we edit the quote number? 

Yes, you can set the quote number to be whatever you want. However, it is done on the backend of our server, so if you’d like to update the platform please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or support@paperlessparts.com. We will discuss what quote number you would like to start at and make the necessary changes. 
Note - any drafted quote will create a new quote number. So, even quotes that are drafted and sent to the trash will continue to increase the overall quote number.  

2. How do I move quotes from one folder to another on the Quotes page?

It is simple and easy to move quotes to different folders on the Quotes Page. The only time a quote is automatically moved to a new folder is when a customer places an order. The quote is then moved to ‘Accepted’ on the Quotes page, and an order is created on the Orders page. If you’d like to mark a quote as ‘Lost’ or ‘Cancelled’, simply go to the Actions tab in each quote and change the setting. Tracking this information offers a great opportunity to go back and understand why you may have lost a job. Lastly, any deleted quote can always be brought back to the drafts folder. Simple copy the quote in the trash folder, or within the deleted quote itself, and tackle the process again in the drafts tab.

3. How do I set an expiration date? 

All quotes have an expiration date. The default is 30 days, but you can change the expiration date on any quote to whatever you like. After that date is reached, the quote will be moved to the Expired folder. However, the link to the Digital Quote will still be live even after the quote expires. This means that the customer can access it, but cannot interact with it. They can request a re-quote, at which point the Paperless Parts platform will draft a quote with the same pricing which was used on the original quote. This is so that you have a reference for the previous prices you sent the customer. These can of course be changed in the Build-a-Quote. You will receive an email notifying you that a customer has requested a re-quote. 

4. How do I follow up on an existing quote?

To follow up on existing quotes, click on the ‘Last Viewed’ action on the quote you’d like to follow-up with. Then, click ‘Resend Quote’. You can create a ‘Resend Quote’ template on the Digital Quote Settings page in Settings!

5. Can we track which processes we are winning quotes with? 

Yes! A valuable reason to facilitate orders through the Paperless Parts platform is that you can track each piece of data. You can learn which processes are your most profitable, which processes you spend the most time quoting, or which processes account for most of your revenue. 

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