Getting Started

Welcome to Paperless Parts! Let’s get started.

In this article, we'll walk through how you can:

Set up your account

Once you’ve accepted the email invite to join Paperless Parts, there are a few things you can do to get your account set up.

  1. Build your team
  2. Verify your email address
  3. Add your shop’s Company Settings

Build your team

Let’s start in the Team page. To access this page:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner to open the Account menu.
  2. Select Team.

Here, you can add or remove team members and edit user profiles. Let’s start by adding a team member.

  1. Click Add team member to create a new user profile.

  1. Build out your teammate’s profile.
    1. The only required field here is Email, but we recommend you add more. Your team member will also be able to add or edit all of this information on their own (other than email) once they accept their invitation to the platform.
  2. Assign their permissions. These will establish what abilities each user has and what information they can access in Paperless.
    1. To learn more about what each permission entails, check out our detailed User Permissions documentation
  3. Once you’re ready to add them to the team, click Invite. This will send an invitation to the user’s email.

Once you’ve invited all of your team members to Paperless, you can edit an existing profile (including your own) by clicking the pencil icon to the right of a profile. Remove users from Paperless by clicking the trash can icon.  

Verify your email address

After you create your Paperless Parts account, you will receive an email from with subject line "Finish connecting your email to Paperless Parts." All you need to do is click the link at the bottom of the email and your email address will be verified.

To confirm that your or a teammate's account has been verified, check the associated profile in the Team page.

Fill out your shop’s Company Settings

To fill out your shop’s company settings, navigate to the Settings page.

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of your screen to open the Account menu.
  2. Select Settings.

This will take you to the User profile section, where you can set up personal information like your name and password as well as turn on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security.

Click Company settings to proceed to the next section. Here, you’ll need to confirm your Company Name and add a facility.

Adding a facility is a critical step as your facility’s logo, name, and address will all be visible on quotes you send to customers. Note that your account is required to have at least one facility set up to send quotes from Paperless Parts.

To set up a facility:

  1. Click Add new facility.
  2. Add a logo file. This is the logo that will be present on any quotes you send to customers from Paperless.
  3. Add a facility name and address.
  4. Click Save.

If you need to adjust these values after saving, click the two arrows next to a facility to open the Facility Information drawer.

Note: Users with multiple facilities will need to assign a default facility. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the Facility Information drawer and click Set as default. (This is an Enterprise-level feature.)

Adding parts to your Parts Library

Let’s kick things off by adding a few parts to your shop’s Parts Library.

The Parts Library will serve as a centralized hub for parts that you’ve previously quoted in the platform. Storing part information here will keep your customers’ data safe and make sure that everyone on your team is using historical data to drive precise and consistent quotes - reading from the same sheet of music, so to speak. The more information that you add, the more context they’ll have, so it's a good idea to start uploading files early.

To create a new part, upload key files from the part's technical data package to your account. There are two ways to do this from the Parts Library:

  1. Click Upload New Part in the top right and browse your local files.
  2. Drag and drop files anywhere on the page.

Make sure the files you drop in are all supported file types and any parts with multiple components have been exported correctly

To view a part, click on the tile in the Parts Library. This will take you to the Parts Viewer, where you can edit part information, take measurements, communicate with teammates, and more. The Parts Viewer is also where you'll want to store key properties of a part, creating a complete digital picture of how you might actually make it. For instance, let's assign a part number, revision, and material as well as attach supporting documentation. 

To add a part number revision, and material to this part:

  1. Click Active Part to open the Active Part panel. 
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter the part number and revision.
  4. Enter the material. 
    1. Tip: Try typing a key word or alloy number to quickly narrow down your selection. 
  5. Click Save changes to confirm.

To attach supporting files:

  1. Click the file symbol to open the Files tab. 
  2. Click Upload Files to browse your local server or drag and drop files directly onto the tab. 
  3. To view a supporting file, select its name from the list of available files. 

Keeping your part library organized

If you upload multiple files at the same time, files with matching names but different file types (ex. Bracket.stp and Bracket.pdf) will automatically be bundled into a single part. If a CAD file is included, it will become the primary file for that part by default.

Let’s say the file names don’t match, but you still want to upload multiple files at once for the same part - for instance, a print (5-X-9__B.pdf), and a model (5-X-9.STEP). When you upload the three files, each will initially come in as a separate part, but they can easily be merged into a single part.

To merge parts:

  1. Click Select parts in the top right corner.

  1. Select the parts you would like to merge and click Actions.
  2. Select Merge Parts as Supporting Files.

  1. Select a primary file. Whichever file you do not select will become a supporting file on the part.
    1. The primary file will be the source of geometric information for this part going forward, so make sure that you choose a model if you have one.
  2. Click Merge.

Upload something by mistake? Archive a part to remove it from your Team Parts or delete it to fully remove it from your account.

To archive parts:

  1. Click Select parts in the top right corner.
  2. Select the part(s) you would like to archive and click Actions.
  3. Select Archive and click Ok to confirm.

Archiving a part will move it to the Archived tab, but it will still exist in your account.

To restore an archived part and re-add it to Team Parts:

  1. Click Archived to view archived parts.
  2. Select the part(s) you would like to restore and click Actions.
  3. Select Restore.

To permanently delete a part:

  1. Click Archived to view archived parts.
  2. Select the part(s) you would like to delete and click Actions.
  3. Select Delete and click Ok to confirm.
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