Sheet metal costing variables

We have added a section to the geometric analysis tab in the part viewer, specifically for sheet metal interrogations, called “costing variables”:

Costing variables are exactly what they sound like…they are variables that drive the cost of the part. These are essentially the most important variables you need to look at when estimating a part. You can think of this section as the variables that you would need to type into your excel sheet if you weren’t using Paperless Parts.

Note: Costing variables only appear for sheet metal interrogations.

Costing variables sections


High level properties that are general useful for costing, seen above.


Counts of different types of bends to help cost out press brake operations.

Note: The differences in these types of features are described in detail here.


Information that will be useful for costing contour-cutting operations, like a laser cutter, plasma cutter, or waterjet.

Machining Operations

Counts of features that may require secondary machining operations such as countersinks, counterbores, and manually drilled holes.

Note: The callout of drilled holes vs another pierce with the laser is dictated by thresholds set in a shop’s custom interrogation. See here for more information.


Information to help cost out a punching operation.

Note: Features will be called out as single hits in the feature tree if the interrogation is configured with is_punch=True. See here for more information.

Other UI notes

Costing variables will be collapsed by default. For information on what each costing variable means, you can hover over the info icon for some help:

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