Convert subassembly to purchased component

Often times a purchased item like a latch or hinge will be modeled with multiple bodies within a CAD model. Paperless Parts will interpret this as it would any other multiple-body entity in a CAD file, and it will default to calling it out as a subassembly in your BOM.

To convert this subassembly to a purchased component, use the "Convert to purchased component" action found within the component drop down action menu:

Warning: This action will delete all of the child nodes of the subassembly. This action is irreversible. This will delete any child components from the BOM if they do not appear anywhere else in the assembly.

You can perform this action on both geometric and manual subassemblies. When performing this action with geometric subassemblies, you will be able to leverage smart component matches based on the geometry of the assembly.

Here is a short video walkthrough:

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