Settings Page - Digital Quote Settings

Digital Quote Settings

1. Terms and Conditions

2. Quote Notes

3. Expedite Settings

4. Email Templates

1. Set your Terms and Conditions. These are the terms and conditions which will show on the Digital Quote. We've already filled it in for you, but feel free to update!

2. Set your Quote Notes. These are the notes that your customer will see on the Digital Quote. These can be changed anytime in the Build-a-Quote page.

3. Build out your Expedite Settings!
Expedites are a great way to drive increased revenue by offering your customers the option to receive their parts earlier for a percent (%) markup. These will be your default rates. Expedite Settings will always be available to adjust in the Build-a-Quote. 

4. Build Email Templates! Select from these email templates to populate the body of quote-send emails, order-shipment emails, and order refund emails. All templates can be edited within each quote.

- Quote-Send: These are the emails your customers will see when you've sent them a quote. 

- Order-Shipment: These are the emails your customers will receive when their order has been shipped from your facility. 

- Order Refund: These are the emails your customer will receive when their order payment has been refunded.

Email Templates
Let's see how to edit and create new templates.

You can edit your templates here. Customize your names, subjects, placeholders, and texts.

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